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Judge tosses challenges to COVID Directives

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Judge tosses challenges to COVID Directives

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The High Court has thrown out the matters, brought by trade unionist and Senator Caswell Franklyn and two small businessmen, challenging the constitutionality of Government’s COVID-19 protocols.

Senator Franklyn had accused Government of illegally enforcing Directives that were not passed by Parliament, while small businessman Adrian Kellman had challenged the COVID-19 Monitoring Unit’s closure of his popular Kermit’s Bar, in Thornbury Hill, Christ Church.

Benson Straker and his business, Benson’s Minimart, had accused the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police of acting unlawfully and beyond their authority in enforcing the Emergency Management (Amendment) Act.

Justice Jacqueline Cornelius found no merit in any of the 13 grounds put forward by attorneys for the three men.

Neil Marshall and Queen Counsel Hal Gollop represented Franklyn, Kellman and Straker; while Queen’s Counsel Leslie Haynes, Principal Crown Counsel Marsha Lougheed, Senior Crown Counsel Ann-Marie Coombs, and attorneys Gregory Nicholls and Kashawn Wood appeared for the Attorney General and the Commissioner of Police. (HLE)

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