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Family believes body that of missing relative

Family believes body that of missing relative
The bushy area in Kendall Hill B, Christ Church, where the decomposing body was found on Tuesday. (Pictures by Reco Moore.)

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The family of Arden Jones, who was reported missing to police on October 1, believe it is his decomposing body that was discovered in a bushy area on Tuesday.

Yesterday, younger brother Bradley Jones and his nephew Jason told the DAILY NATION that while the body could not be identified at this time, they strongly felt it was that of their 85-year-old relative.

According to police reports, around 11 a.m. two days ago, residents reported smelling a pungent odour in an open area in Kendal Hill B, Christ Church. The person is yet to be identified.

“When they (police officers) found the body, they asked me to identify it but I couldn’t because there was no face. I feel it’s my uncle though,” Jason said.

Family believes body that of missing relative
Arden Jones (GP)

His father Bradley said he and his brother did not get along well for a number of years but he was still concerned when he heard he was missing.

“My brother and I were not seeing eye to eye for years. We don’t know if it is him or not for sure, but I believe it is him because he had dementia,” he said.

The decomposing body was discovered metres away from Bradley’s Kendall Hill house in an open lot overrun by tall grass.

“When we heard that he was missing, we thought where he could be and we would have never believed he was short there in that bush. Although we weren’t on good terms, after all, he was a human and I felt for him.”

On October 4, police issued a missing person’s report about Jones, of Lot 16, Upper Crescent, Gall Hill, Christ Church.

His 80-year-old wife Averil, of Durants Road, also in Christ Church, reported that he left home at 10 a.m. and had not been seen since.

Bradley said his brother was a painter in his heyday and had more than ten children. (SB)