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Yearwood starts canvass in St James South


Yearwood starts canvass in St James South
DLP St James South hopeful Dr Ronnie Yearwood (second left) and fellow candidates Renette Dimmott and Paul Gibson out in the field speaking with Jelisa Browne (left). (Picture by Shanice King.)

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Democratic Labour Party’s St James South hopeful, Dr Ronnie Yearwood, is all about empowering people, and the first way to get that done is to let the people know what direction the Government is taking.

“They just want clarity; clarity of messaging, they want clarity of purpose and they want direction. Most people seem to think there is mixed messaging on the part of the Government,” he said on Saturday morning ahead of a mass canvass in the St James South constituency.

“I think with COVID we can’t have that. We have to make a firm decision and we have to decide that’s the road we’re going.” he said ahead of his this morning, after officially getting the nod yesterday.

Yearwood, a law lecturer, said whether it was about vaccine mandates, or any other topic, a clear decision needed to be made.

“If it’s about vaccine mandates, you make the decision. If it’s not about vaccine mandates, you make that clear. But as Government and policy makers you cannot leave the space because once you leave the space open, other people will fill it. If you don’t take the lead and show strong leadership, and when we say strong leadership that is not necessarily bullying or intimidation, but firm decisive leadership,” he explained.

“[You need to say] this is the direction, this is where the Government is going. We want private sector, we want civil service, we want civil society, we want you to line up behind this policy, and that is what I am getting on the ground; people just want that clear messaging.”

Yearwood, who got the official nod from the party on Friday, was accompanied by St James Central candidate Paul Gibson, Christ Church West Central hopeful Rennette Dimmott and vice-chairman of the St James South branch, Hyrone Boyce. (RA)