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Missing man’s body washes in at Tent Bay


Missing man’s body washes in at Tent Bay
Kenrick Welch (GP)

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Two days after Kenrick Welch’s family reported him missing, his naked body washed ashore among the rocks at Tent Bay, St Joseph, metres away from where 16-year-old Amalee Mayers’ body was found last year May.

Henderson “Sea Cat” Corbin, who lives in the area, told the Daily Nation he was at work nearby when a woman told him a body had washed in near Fleet View Apartments.

“I come from Bathsheba area and sometimes the waters can be very strong. Even (Tuesday) it was strong and pretty heavy. We had no reports of anyone missing at sea nor nothing. I ain’t hear anybody in the area speak of no one. Nobody know who the person could be,” he said.

Welch was identified by his daughter, but family members at the scene were too distraught to speak to members of the media.

Police appealed to members of the public for assistance. (RA)