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Gunmen sentenced to 25 years in jail


Gunmen sentenced to 25 years in jail
Kaeron Sylvian Moore (left), Andre Omar Jackman (right) and Shane Hakeem Omar Babb were found guilty. (FILE)

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Andre Omar Jackman, Kaeron Sylvian Moore and Shane Hakeem Omar Babb will spend the next 25 years in jail, less time spent on remand.

The sentence was today handed down by Justice Carlisle Greaves in the No. 3 Supreme Court, during a virtual sitting.

Jackman, alias “Lord Evil” or “Punchies”, 43, of Stroud Bay; Moore, 35, also of Stroud Bay; and Babb, 35, of Ellis Road, Crab Hill, all in St Lucy, had been convicted in August by unanimous verdict, following a two-month trial, of using a firearm while not having a licence to do so on September 30, 2018 and endangering lives. Moore and Babb were found guilty of damaging a house belonging to Chrisandra Greaves on the same date.

In handing down the sentence, Justice Greaves said the aggravating factors outweighed the mitigating factors in the cases of the three convicted men.

The three men were each sentenced to 15 years for endangering the life of Reshawn Greaves; 15 years each for illegal possession of firearms; and Moore and Babb were each given ten years for damaging the house of Chrisandra Greaves.

In addition, each man was sentenced to 25 years for endangering the life of Michael Abbott, which Justice Greaves described as an attempted execution.

However, the sentence will take effect from October 21, less time spent on remand. Jackman has already spent 855 days on remand, Moore has spent 259 days, while Babb has spent 525 days.

The sentences will run concurrently.

Jackman was represented by Michael Lashley QC, Dr Lenda Blackman, Simon Clarke, Sade Harris, Ken Mason and Kimberly Gollop; Moore was represented by Shadia Simpson; and Babb by Verla De Peiza; while Senior Crown Counsel Neville Watson and Senior Crown Counsel Rudolph Burnett prosecuted. (RA)