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Number in home isolation declines after audit

Number in home isolation declines after audit

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Over 3 000 people are out of home isolation following the latest audit conducted by the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

In Tuesday’s COVID-19 report, the number in home isolation stood at 7 125, but Wednesday’s report – released a day late on Friday – showed the number dropping to 4 095.

“This auditing process will be continuous hence the home isolation numbers will continue to decline further over the coming days, resulting in a more accurate picture of the total number of active COVID-19 cases in Barbados,” the Ministry said in a statement via the Barbados Government Information Service.

“The previous reported number of persons in home isolation was elevated due to the high volume of cases in Barbados over the last three months which overwhelmed the capacity of the Ministry of Health and Wellness to efficiently update its records. The large caseloads reduced the efficiency of the discharge process, thus erroneously inflating the number of persons in home isolation.

“It should be appreciated that all urgent or serious cases were detected and referred for appropriate care, but the Home Isolation teams were unable to contact some cases due to incorrect contact information provided or recorded at the time of testing.”

The Ministry of Health and Wellness is seeking the cooperation of the public by requesting that all persons who are or were in home isolation for longer than 10 days and are yet to receive a Discharge Certificate to contact the Home Quarantine and Home Isolation Call Centre at 536-1800, or email [email protected] (BGIS)