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Man charged with Samara Bristol murder remanded

Man charged with Samara Bristol murder remanded
Murder accused Roger Delisle Sealy. (FILE)

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The man who was charged with the murder of Samara Bristol was remanded when he appeared in the Supreme Court before Chief Magistrate Ian Weekes on Saturday morning.

Roger Delisle Sealy, 54, of Airy Cot, St Thomas, was not required to plead to the indicatable charge of the murder of Bristol between November 16 and 21.

He also faced two separate counts of assaulting two officers and resisting arrest on November 17.

He was remanded to HMP Dodds, to reappear in the District “D” Magistrates Court on December 10.

Bristol, 30, who had dual Barbadian and American citizenship, was reported missing on November 16 by her mother Samantha Bristol of Queen’s, New York.

An investigation was launched and police conducted unsuccessful searches in Airy Cot, Farmers, Welchman Hall and Mangrove.

Bristol’s body was discovered on November 21 in an area near the Mangrove Landfill in St Thomas. (MB/SAT)