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Eye on traffic


Eye on traffic
Infrastructure to work with the electronic vehicle registration installed at Waterford Bottom, St Michael, is to help authorities clamp down on unlicensed and uninsured vehicles and those travelling with fictitious licence plates - Picture by Jameel Springer

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Thousands of illegal vehicles will be tracked when sophisticated scanners now being erected in at least eight locations are activated.

Authorities are going after those in uninsured or unregistered vehicles using the technology that will also detect speedsters as the vehicle tags will transmit information to a central database also connected to the police.

Curious road users have been speculating about structures springing up over a number of roads, but Minister of Transport, Works, and Water Resources (MTWW), Ian Gooding-Edghill confirmed an electronic vehicle registration (EVR) system was being installed.

It will automatically scan the tags of vehicles instantly revealing whether it is legal or illegal.

The minister said the initiative, which the insurance industry and road safety advocates are supporting, “will allow for the monitoring and enforcement of the Road Traffic Act and its regulations [and] assist in ensuring that persons register and insure their motor vehicles.

The first of at least eight structures to facilitate the vehicle monitoring is now in place at Waterford Bottom, St Michael.