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Norville calls for better policing of dog licensing


Norville calls for better policing of dog licensing
Wayne Norville (FILE)

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Wayne Norville, inspector of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), is blaming irresponsible dog owners and a lack of policing of dog licences for the dog attack that killed a plantation’s 30 sheep today.

In addition, Norville believes it is probably a pack of straying dogs, as opposed to stray dogs which have no owners, which carried out the attack.

“This is the problem we have been having for years because we don’t have proper policing of the licensing in Barbados,” Norville told the Daily Nation

“And if you check the size of the dogs that come in to the (RSPCA) clinic, these dogs are massive and heavy. People’s dogs need to be licensed and people need to be responsible for things like this,” he said.

Arleigh James, the caretaker at Society Plantation in St John, said the dogs that attacked the sheep appeared to be Pitbulls or bull terriers mixed.


More in tomorrow’s Daily Nation.