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Cans removed from beach access

Cans removed from beach access
The area after the cans were removed yesterday from the path near  Copacabana on Bay Street. (Picture by Jamel Springer.)

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The three cans that blocked the access path to near Copacabana on Bay Street, St Michael, last week, have been moved.

When a Daily Nation team revisited the area on Monday, the cans, which had been cemented into the ground, were gone.

Over the weekend, many people took to social media to express their dismay that the popular beach path had been sealed off, preventing them from driving straight onto the beach.

However, on Sunday, some beachgoers were observed driving through an area set up for public parking for $10, and driving around the cans to access the beach.

When contacted, landowner Allan Kinch said he was aware the cans had been removed, but declined to comment on the matter.

In 2019, Kinch purchased three parcels of land for $4 million from the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. He said he had major plans to redevelop the area to include a reinstated

jetty, the creation of a park with amenities, and an area for food vendors and other small business people.

Repeated efforts to reach general manager of the National Conservation Commission Ryan Als were unsuccessful. (RA)

Cans removed from beach access
Over the weekend, these three cans, cemented in place along the beach access path, drew the ire of Barbadians. (Picture by Jamel Springer.)