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Welfare spike


Welfare spike
Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs Kirk Humphrey. (Picture by Shanice King)

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In the last year of Barbados’ two-year battle with the COVID-19 pandemic, those needing welfare assistance have nearly doubled, moving from about 3 500 to 6 500 people.

This staggering statistic was revealed yesterday by Minister of People Empowerment and Elder Affairs Kirk Humphrey, who also disclosed that the frequency of assistance had also increased, resulting in a 900 per cent increase in cost of social service provided to the public.

Humphrey explained that last year, the Welfare Department provided around $100 000 per month, but that had now grown to a hundred thousand dollars shy of a million per month.

“We have moved from about 3 500 persons to about 6 500 persons, so there has almost been a doubling of the persons. There has also been an increase in the frequency with which these persons would want help. It is no longer a case of one-offs, people are going to keep coming back, so that there has been that additional pressure on the system. We have looked at a number of areas that we would like to strengthen in terms of the gaps,” said Humphrey, who was responding to questions from the media during a press conference following a courtesy call from a European Union delegation. (CLM)

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2 comments on “Welfare spike

    This pandemic should be a teaching tool for people; when they are working they should not spend all their money. The same way friends and family are standing on their own feet; they too should be able to stand on their own as well. Some Barbadians have become handicap even though they have all their senses. The government and private businesses need to make it possible that people have jobs to support themselves. And people too should have a plan to support their own way in life. And not sit around waiting on the government for handouts. The government should support disable people who can\\\’t work; not people with all their cylinders on full blast.

    How Many persons were severed during covid and still have no jobs no assistance and living off of nothing.
    Thank goodness for family and friends to feed and support tgem.

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