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Activist: Men used as cash points

Tre Greaves

Activist: Men used as cash points
Founder of Fathers 4 Justice, Matt O’Connor, said too many dads around the world were reduced to cash points. (Picture by Reco Moore.)

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Too many men are being used for their money and denied access to their children, says founder of Fathers 4 Justice, Matt O’Connor.

He joined with local advocate Kammie Holder and urged more men who have been dealing with difficult custody arrangements to speak out.

“There is still a false narrative that this is a fair world and men have all the rights and benefits when it’s the opposite. In the United Kingdom, the outcomes are worse for men than they are for women.

“The benefits system supports single mothers but it doesn’t support fathers and a lot of dads around the world have been reduced to the status of cash points and sperm banks. They’re paying for children that you can’t see so I think we need to start a debate about this not just in the United Kingdom but the Caribbean as well,” O’Connor said.

The British activist who is currently on vacation in Barbados made those comments to the Daily Nation yesterday, urging political leaders to create more equality for fathers trying to contribute to their children’s lives. (TG)

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4 comments on “Activist: Men used as cash points

    Mary, you are missing the point. We are demanding equal parenting. No one is seeking superiority. Its wrong for society to push the stupid narrative Mothers own children. Its bloody wrong for mothers to deliberately as emotional abuse not put a fathers name on the school registration form.

    Mary; probably you’ve been fed the koolaid that women are perfect parents. Women abuse children everyday, just like men. Physically, sexually, emotionally and even murder them sometimes. So if you are a fair and reasonable person, you would agree that women should also be barred from seeing their children. Just a fee news clips for yah. “A Catholic school teacher is under arrest after Philadelphia police say she had inappropriate sexual contact with a student. Barbara Corbo” “April 18, 2021, 3:14 AM UTC. By Dennis Romero. A woman suspected of killing her three children in Los Angeles said she did it to protect them fr” “Sheriff: Florida mother killed her 2 kids, then herself. ” “ember 7, 2021 9:14am. A New Jersey mom who admitted to killing her 5-month-old daughter told police she did it in order to “fulfill the last of her sins”. It goes on and on Mary. When the bible says there is evil in the heart of men. It meant women too.

    I totally agree with Mr O’Conner’s position however in the flipside of that coin is the reality that there are some ‘fathers’ who are present in homes who abuse their daughters, step-daughters, even their sons and step-sons; sexually and otherwise … and it is ‘tolerated’ because they are the main or only breadwinner. Have Justice 4 Fathers considered these situations too that require JUSTICE. Let’s not say it a ‘cultural taboo’ but face it head-on and deal with the dastardly acts.

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