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Surinamese finance and planning minister resigns


Surinamese finance and planning minister resigns
Suriname Minister of Finance and Planning, Armand Achaibersing resigned - FP

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Paramaribo – Suriname president Chan Santokhi confirmed on Thursday that Minister of Finance and Planning Armand Achaibersing resigned.

Santokhi said Achaibersing stepped aside for “a strictly personal reason”.

In a statement, he said “out of respect for the privacy and personal circumstances of Minister Achaibersing, this issue has been handled with care”.

The resignation letter was sent to President Santokhi on August 13.

“The head of state has indicated to Minister Achaibersing that the letter will be treated with the most urgent attention and that the minister’s personal situation is certainly understood,” the president said in a media statement.

“No decision has been made by the president about accepting the offered resignation because this unforeseen situation must be carefully considered with all due care and from different angles.”

In the meantime, the government asked the public to respect Achaibersing’s private circumstances and await further word on the matter.