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COVID-19 update for September 7


COVID-19 update for September 7

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Health authorities in Barbados reported on Thursday that another death related to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has occurred, and 51 new cases of the viral illness were detected in the island.

A 92-year-old man lost his life to COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing increasing the number of deaths from the illness to 556, according to a media release issued the Barbados Government Informational Service.

In addition, the authorities said 24 males and 27 females – including three youths under the age of 19 – were identified with the viral illness from the 334 tests carried out on the same day by laboratories across the island.

At the time of reporting, there were 51 people seeking medical treatment in government isolation facilities and 606 were being monitored under the home isolation programme managed by the Ministry of Health & Wellness.

Health authorities also indicated that 163 365 people (71.5 per cent of the eligible population) have received at lease one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine under the national vaccination programme, and 154 473 people (57 per cent of the total population or 67.6 per cent of the eligible population) have now been administered the vaccine dosage regime.

The eligible population is anyone 12 years and older.