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Massy St Lucia denies selling food sent to landfill

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Massy St Lucia denies selling food sent to landfill
Massy St Lucia denies selling food that had been sent to a landfill for disposal - GP

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Castries – Massy Stores in St Lucia denied reports circulating on social media networks that food sent to the landfill for disposal had re-entered the market and was being sold locally.

In a statement, Massy indicated that based on their logs of the most recent items sent to the Deglos Landfill on September 1, the items submitted for destruction and disposal were poor quality, compromised perishable items, mainly fruits and vegetables and cheese.

“We are aware of a voice note in circulation regarding food sent for landfill disposal by our company, Massy Stores (SLU),” the statement read.

“The voice note suggests that meat, beef, milk, chicken, cheese sent for dumping was supposedly raided from the landfill, re-entered the market and is being sold.”

Massy, part of the regional conglomerate operating in the majority of the English-speaking Caribbean, added that food waste prevention at source is a key priority for the company.

According to the statement: “This has been confirmed by the Solid Waste Management Authority, who manages the site and facilitates the disposal of products received.

“Through various operational strategies (purchasing, inventory tracking) and other means, every effort is made to reduce food waste within our operations. Further we have in place a food redistribution programme where surplus and food with good ‘use by dates’ are donated to a range of food related charitable and other organisations, while it is still safe for consumption.

“While we are committed to strengthening our processes where food waste is concerned, we wish to reiterate that the items sent to the landfill for disposal were not fit for human consumption. As such, the decision to dispose of the products was in keeping with proper health, safety and sanitation practice, given the potential health risks.”

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