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Fogging Schedule May 10-14

Fogging Schedule May 10-14

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The Vector Control Unit in the Ministry of Health and Wellness will be moving its mosquito eradication exercise to rural parishes this week.

On Monday, May 10, the fogging team will visit the following communities in St Andrew: Hillaby Church Gap, Mose Bottom, Mount Hillaby, Turners Hall and Harewood Road and surrounding areas.

The team will return to St Andrew on Tuesday, May 11, and spray Bawdens Hill, Walkers, Babylon Road, Redman Road, Shorey Village, Douglin Village and environs.

The following day, Wednesday, May 12, fogging will continue in the St Andrew districts of Franklyn Douglin Road, Belmont Road, Worrell Road, Jordan Road, St Simon, Isolation Road, Belleplaine, Lakes Road, Farrell Road, Grecia Road, Corbin Road and surrounding areas.

On Thursday, May 13, fogging will be carried out at Chalky Mount and Bruce Vale, St Andrew, as well as the following areas in St Joseph: Coggin Hill, Hopewell, Cambridge, Bissex, Fruitful Hill, Boarded Hall, Cane Garden and nearby districts.

The fogging exercise will continue on Friday, May 14, in the St Joseph districts of Newton Crescent, Coconut Grove, Parks Road, Melvins Hill, Dark Hole, Lower Parks, Fruitful Hill and environs.

Fogging will be conducted between 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. each day, and householders are encouraged to open their windows and doors to allow the spray to enter.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness has reminded the public that the completion of scheduled fogging activities may be affected by events beyond its control. In such circumstances, the Unit will return to affected communities in the soonest possible time. (BGIS)