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MY STORY: 16-year love affair

20 September 2016

IF THERE IS ONE person who believes in love at first sight, it’s Elisabeth Alleyne. And 16 years on, her love affair with Barbados is still going strong. With a huge smile on her face, and from the comfort of her office at Coral Reef Hotel, Elisabeth recalled... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Airing her patriotism for Bajans to see

18 September 2016

A PAINTED BLUE and gold sign posted outside the modest Airy Hill, St Joseph home of Lorna Knight reads Happy Independence. To passers-by it is a clear sign that here lives a true Bajan who not only loves the land of her birth, but wants the world to know it. As... Read More


MY STORY: Cita shaped by mix of cultures

17 September 2016

GUYANESE BLOOD FLOWS in her veins, but at heart Cita Pilgrim is an example of a successful Guyanese/Barbadian fusion. She was born in Guyana and married Barbadian Cecil Pilgrim, who spent the greater part of his life representing Guyana, where he had grown up with... Read More


MY STORY: Winnie is Bajan to de bone

15 September 2016

WINNIE GRIFFITH MIGHT NOT HAVE been born in Barbados, but she considers herself as much a Barbadian as anyone else. So much so, she refers to herself as “the best cou cou maker on the island”. Griffith, or Winnie as she is well known because of her outspokenness... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Massiah calls it as he sees it

11 September 2016

AROUND BARBADOS word has gone out that irreverent dress is not acceptable in the St Joseph Parish Church. And the man who established a reputation for his zero tolerance of “half-nakedness” in church defends his position saying: “It is good to know that you stand for... Read More


25 Bajan Sports Icons celebrated

11 September 2016

NATIONAL HERO Sir Garfield Sobers headed a list of 25 Barbados sports icons who were saluted at a Night with the Stars at the Barbados Hilton here late Saturday. Olympic bronze medallists James Wedderburn and Obadele Thompson as well as World Championships gold medallist... Read More


MY STORY: Love of flora across the island

10 September 2016

ALPHEUS OCAROL MARTIN is a plant lover and he has carried this love from St Vincent to Barbados, eventually opening his own nursery. This is his story. “When I was growing up, the people didn’t have a lot. We were not poor – we didn’t have much but we were content,”... Read More


Construction starts at Garrison Savannah for National Monument

09 September 2016

THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY of Independence Celebrations Secretariat has broken ground to commence erection of the National Monument which will be officially revealed at midnight on November 30, 2016. The monument, designed by 22-year-old artist Taisha Carrington, will... Read More


MY STORY: From Kingstown to Bridgetown

08 September 2016

PATRICIA HUNTE migrated to Barbados from St Vincent at age 22 to earn a better life for her family. Now, 34 years later, Hunte can look back at a life where she now knows more about her new home than her old one. “I first came to Barbados in 1982 where I was working... Read More


MY STORY: Venner’s faith through tragedy

06 September 2016

THROUGHOUT HIS TURBULENT LIFE, Venner “Grafton” Haywood is keeping his faith in God and love for his adopted country. This is his story. “I was born in Richmond Hill, St Vincent. You could stand there and watch all up Kingstown. At around ten years old I came to... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Canon Jones sees 100th as way to honour friends

06 September 2016

AIDED BY A walker, Canon Ivor Jones walked slowly to the piano in the corner of his living room, but once his fingers touched the ivories, the room reverberated with the lively sound of his playing of the hymn Love Divine All Loves Excelling. It was a spirited performance... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Norma – all she wanted to do was cook

28 August 2016

THE NAME Norma Jackman has been mainly associated with the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) and with cooking. She is now 84 and the flame has gone out from under her big pots while the passion for the party she fervently supported in the past has all but died. The peaks... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Pat’s designing glory at Rio Olympics

14 August 2016

PAT BRATHWAITE wanted to be a fashion designer from age 10. The inspiration came from growing up within a family involved in dress-making. The classy uniforms she designed for the 21-member Barbados delegation in the Parade of Nations at the 2016 Olympic... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Once great demand for pioneer hairstylist

07 August 2016

IRENE WILTSHIRE gives a thumbs up to the variety of hairstyles she sees women in Barbados parading. They remind her of yesteryear and her pioneering years operating as only the second hairdresser in Bridgetown. Now 84, she has long since put aside the traditional ironing... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: It’s not real pudding without belly

31 July 2016

PUDDING AND SOUSE is as much a part of Barbados as “these fields and hills beyond recall”, and for more than 70 years Shirley Forde has been playing her part to ensure the Bajan dish continues to maintain its place in this country’s traditions. Weekend after weekend... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Browne sees culture as paramount

24 July 2016

CRANSTON BROWNE’S perspective on culture is strongly influenced by his growing up in a traditional Barbadian village as well as his involvement in the cultural life of his alma mater, Christ Church Boys’ Foundation School. He attributes the way he approaches his job... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Teaching Rudder’s labour of love

17 July 2016

IF LOVE is patient and kind, Dawn Rudder has poured it into her career without measure. As the principal of the Learning Centre, a school for children with learning disabilities, she has cared for many young people like her very own. For Rudder, working with special... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Duff’s eyes still on the skies

03 July 2016

Pilot, musician, salesman, David Duff has been all of these. In retirement, the septuagenarian spends his time rekindling memories of his heyday. “I am a true Barbadian. I love this country,” says Duff, who was born here of a Trinidadian father and Barbadian mother.... Read More


HEATHER-LYNN’S HABITAT: St Joseph’s a blessing by design

30 June 2016

THERE IS SOMETHING EERIE and disquieting about a church which has been denuded of its altar. A church in which the pews lie strewn about as if there had been some cataclysmic event. A church in which the windows have not been opened and where one lies crumbled... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: After beating odds, Akela eyes Rio gold

26 June 2016

SPORTING CIRCLES are abuzz with the name Akela Jones. The din is the impetus driving the athlete’s resolve to make Barbados proud when she competes at the August Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is as keen to excel as so many Barbadians, her former local... Read More


BAJAN TO DE BONE: Retired educator – I was born to teach

19 June 2016

CARL SPRINGER insists there are two fundamentals of school – learning and teaching. Engage the retired teacher on this strong theory he holds and the ensuing discourse will give deep insight into “the old time days of education” in Barbados. With over 50 years’ experience... Read More


Instead of an announcement via the Throne Speech, should Barbadians decide via referendum whether the country becomes a republic?