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SATURDAY'S CHILD - Bakes, cakes and wakes

23 October 2010

It might go against the grain for people who swear by the Paleolithic Diet but the cave dwellers, from whom we were descended or bred, ate bread. According to the Reuter’s News Agency, "Starch grains found on 30 000-year-old grinding stones suggest that prehistoric... Read More


Sam Lord's lost long before fire

21 October 2010

Online Editor Carol Martindale gives her take on the loss of one of Barbados' national treasures - Sam Lord's Castle. Read More

AWRIGHT DEN!: Hand of the young

21 October 2010

I asked myself one day while driving if parents are aware of the things happening in our secondary schools.   Read More


EVERYTHING BUT . . .: Look who talks!

20 October 2010

FEW PEOPLE take to being outsmarted, outwitted and outgunned ­– or out-talked. So Mia Mottley’s lamentation that she was charged, convicted and sentenced, true as it might have been, was not a surprise in coming. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: It was long in coming

20 October 2010

The mailman had Chris Gayle’s walking ticket for a very long time, he just took his cool time to deliver it. Read More


ALL AH WE IS ONE: Let the people decide

19 October 2010

The efforts to unseat Mia Mottley as the Leader of the Opposition allow for furthering an argument developed here in the September 21 issue of the DAILY Nation, where my focus had been on the absence of succession planning in Caribbean political parties. Read More


TALK BACK – Bee power play's the thing

18 October 2010

Whew! What a week it was! Between Barrack and the Bees, it was busy in Barbados. Read More


PURELY POLITICAL: What options for Mia now?

17 October 2010

WHEN I SAW a clutch of Opposition Barbados Labour Party (BLP) Members of Parliament dressed in business suits last week at a Press conference, it was immediately obvious they were not about an ordinary meeting of the parliamentary group. Read More


SATURDAY'S CHILD – No better medicine

16 October 2010

Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn’t seem to be breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy whips out his phone and calls the emergency services. Read More


HOT SPOT –  Move over Barry!

15 October 2010

The great Pele had to do it. Muhammed Ali had to do it. Read More

VIEW FROM SHANGHAI – Confessions of a Neanderthal

15 October 2010

I have steadfastly resisted the temptation to buy a BlackBerry. I have not yet succumbed to the urgings of friends  relatives to join Facebook, and I’m not on Twitter either. Read More

AWRIGHT DEN: Punish the parents

13 October 2010

I am shocked and disappointed to see dress and deportment within public secondary schools as an issue once again. From my years at secondary school in the 1990s up until now we still haven’t managed to solve this small problem. Read More


ONLY HUMAN: A media led by the people

13 October 2010

IT’S HARD TO talk about a terminal illness. It’s even more difficult to discuss it when it involves a relatively young person. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Wake-up call from St Vincent

12 October 2010

I have always had a soft spot for St Vincent and The Grenadines. Read More


VIEW FROM SHANGHAI – Home away from home

12 October 2010

I’ve been here in Shanghai just under one week, and I’ve moved house already. I haven’t moved far though: from Building 7 to 5 at the Expo Jin Jiang Apartment Hotel into the apartment allocated to the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).  Read More


ON REFLECTION – Land issues watered down

11 October 2010

As the flood waters began to subside last Monday evening, many would have heard Acting Prime Minister Freundel Stuart touch lightly on an issue that has been a sore point for most Barbadians from as far back as the days preceding the 1937 Riots. Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET: Give players a break

10 October 2010

IT was inevitable from the year the first formal domestic Twenty20 tournament in England proved a rousing success that the game’s briefest format would create a dilemma for administrators and players. Read More


PURELY POLITICAL: Self-interest in Cabinet reshuffle

09 October 2010

NOW THAT SOME of the dust has settled on Prime Minister David Thompson’s third Cabinet reshuffle, maybe it’s time for Barbadians to step back from the emotionalism and partisanship and take a more reflective look at the circumstances surrounding the changes. Read More


Click here for audio of PM Thompson's address to the nation

06 October 2010

THURSDAY, SEPT. 30 – Speaking of 'the path forward' in his address to the nation tonight, Prime Minister David Thompson says that he has advised his Excellency, the Governor General to reconfigure the Cabinet as follows, as of October 4th 2010: Read More


Does the Drainage Unit deserve a "thumbs up"?

06 October 2010

Sunday Sun Editor Carol Martindale questions the "thumbs up" recently given to the Drainage Unit. Deputy Prime Minister Freundel Stuart must be one of the very few people in Barbados who has heaped praise on the Drainage Unit.   Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: World Cup goals

06 October 2010

CONCACAF president Austin Jack Warner believes Barbados can one day play in the World Cup and I agree with him. Read More


Is enough done to mark Emancipation Day in Barbados?