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A THORNY ISSUE: Boxers not up to scratch

22 September 2010

The jury was out on the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships and now the verdict is in after ten days of deliberation. Read More


Wish Your Prime Minister Well

16 September 2010

Prime Minister David Thompson’s personal physician, Dr Richard Ishmael announced to the nation that the leader has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: A hard lesson for region

15 September 2010

Experience is still the best teacher. And the lack of it has worked against the Caribbean boxers in the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships.  Read More


Rihanna at VMAs

14 September 2010

Click here to see video of exclusive interview with Rihanna at the VMAs.  http://www.mtv.com/videos/?id=1645382 Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET: Guyana's turn to represent

12 September 2010

NOT quite a year ago something remarkable happened in the far-off cricket stadiums of India. Read More


COZIER ON CRICKET: WICB flexes its muscle

12 September 2010

HERE we go again in the interminable battle for control of West Indies cricket. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Board going in right direction

08 September 2010

WHEN THE selection committee of the West Indies Cricket Board didn’t offer Ramnaresh Sarwan a central retainer contract many of us were shocked. Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET – WICB cracking fitness whip

05 September 2010

IT HAS TAKEN 12 years but the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) is once more talking as tough about fitness – indeed, even more so – as then president Pat Rousseau did following its annual general meeting in May 1998. Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET – Folly to spurn helping hand

29 August 2010

THE International Cricket Council (ICC) and the Federation of International Cricketers’ Association (FICA) have jointly sent an unequivocal proposition to the two organisations responsible for the most critical aspects of West Indies cricket. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Go for it Team Barbados

25 August 2010

UP UNTIL recently, the upcoming International Women’s Boxing Championship was the best kept secret in Barbados. Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET – Stake claim to young talent

22 August 2010

THERE was a time when, for good reason, English county cricket attracted close attention throughout the Caribbean. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Stoute should have been chosen

18 August 2010

CONTROVERSY and cricket may not be the most productive partnership, but somehow they always seem to make headlines in West Indies cricket. Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET: Brinksmanship

15 August 2010

THE script has become depressingly familiar. Read More


Land of long-livers

12 August 2010

What's keeping so many Bajans alive for so long. Our food, our water our bond with God? What do you think? Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET – Hard ball for Guyana

08 August 2010

GUYANA have a hard act to follow. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE – Marshall merits full support

04 August 2010

I KEEP saying that Dexter Marshall’s exclusion from the Barbados Football Association’s (BFA) coaching set-up is one of the biggest ironies in local football. Read More


31 July 2010

AFTER a lukewarm start in a constituency more concerned at the time with calypso tents, all-night fetes and Kadooment costumes, Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET – Act now to make CCC right

25 July 2010

THE stirring performance by the team from Cave Hill in the extraordinary regional T20 double-tie with Barbados at Kensington Oval Read More

A THORNY ISSUE – Question is, if not Gayle, who?

22 July 2010

IF NOT Chris Gayle, who? Read More

COZIER ON CRICKET July 17 – WI 'A' team on the up and up

18 July 2010

IT LASTED just a week short of three months, touched four countries spread across the planet and included international matches against five different opponents. Read More

A THORNY ISSUE: Red card for FIFA!

30 June 2010

EVEN if FIFA appears to be the most autocratic sports organisation in the world, the time has come for them to yield to goalline technology. Read More


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