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ON POINT: Regional heads must tackle gas pain

17 November 2018

Gas prices are on everyone’s lips these days. Well, perhaps it is more accurate to say, now more than before. With the cost of living still going up and consumers getting no ease in the price of groceries in supermarkets, even though the National Social Responsibility... Read More


EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Time to speak out about sugar’s future

16 November 2018

Minister of Agriculture Indar Weir needs to comprehensively address the issue of the sugar industry in Barbados. The cane growers, those employed in the industry and those with an interest in agriculture need to know whether the new Barbados Labour Party administration... Read More


ON POINT: Bowled over by young talent

10 November 2018

Let me say from the outset – I am in awe of some of the young people in this country. I don’t remember feeling this proud and encouraged in recent times. This renewed respect in our youth was triggered last Sunday night when I attended the National Independence Festival... Read More


EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK: Clear need for audit staff

09 November 2018

With Government looking at expenditure on wages and salaries, the last thing the Mia Mottley administration would want to hear at this time is to employ more people. So even in these austere times, and with no excuses, it is imperative Government employs qualified... Read More


ON THE BALL: Will ‘Apple’ be sent packing?

08 November 2018

Well, isn’t this awkward? I mean Kevin Yarde was sacked as captain soon after his Davis Cup tennis squad was demoted. So now what’s going to happen with Damien Applewhaite? Read More


ON POINT: All I want for Independence . . .

03 November 2018

Today is the start of November. For many of us that means an extra shot of pride and industry will be coursing through our veins. After all, it is the month of Independence for this country. There will be a myriad of Independence activities leading up to November... Read More


ON THE BALL: 3x3 way to go

01 November 2018

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but Terry Inniss is right. All jokes aside, Inniss is a friend of mine whose sporting knowledge I have the utmost respect for. Yet, it still pains me to admit he’s probably spot on for believing the best way for us to compete... Read More


ON POINT: Workers deserve better

27 October 2018

Sad and unfortunate! That is the only way I can describe the mess going on in the public sector regarding the recent layoffs. In fact, I am not even sure what is really happening. Are the workers on, or off? Read More


EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Make them explain wealth

26 October 2018

We don’t have freedom of information legislation, so the next best thing is to put the issues in the public domain with the hope of raising national awareness and getting answers. Read More


ON THE BALL: Wrong target, Mr President!

25 October 2018

You really should be careful what you wish for. Teenagers pray to be adults then wind up with bills. A certain section of the United States wanted back their country and got Donald Trump. I wanted someone from St Lucy to speak out against the shootings and ended... Read More


ON POINT: Apply bitter medicine with care

20 October 2018

I don’t care which side of the political fence you sit on, and I am even less interested in your politics. What cannot be disputed is the fact that Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley did what many would opt not to do, or certainly shy away from. Read More


EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Questions for Govt

19 October 2018

The focus all across Barbados is about the economy. This is true whether it be about BERT (Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation programme), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the trade unions or the private sector. Read More


ON THE BALL: Give elite athletes more

18 October 2018

Well, it’s almost a year into her term now. And we’re still waiting to see if Sandra Osborne truly plans to restructure the Barbados Olympic Association’s (BOA) athlete funding programme. Forgive me if I come over as a tad hasty here, but I publicly said in March... Read More


ON POINT: We must have backs of elderly

13 October 2018

This past week, I pondered over what should be my next topic to tackle in this space. I thought about it long and hard since there seemed to be so much happening that must be of concern to the public. Read More


EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Let visitors know our history

12 October 2018

Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA) is the gateway into and out of Barbados for most people. According to statistics for 2017, it welcomed 663 441 visitors, 31 308 more than in 2016. Read More


ON POINT: It’s time to Level UP

06 October 2018

When will all this gun violence stop? People are living in fear, being forced from their homes with their little ones in tow, scared to be the next victim of a horrific gun crime. We have heard criminologist Kim Ramsay say that gun violence in this country has reached... Read More


EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: NIS board lacks meaningful change

05 October 2018

If there is one institution which is of significant importance to every Barbadian, it must be the country’s social security system – the National Insurance Scheme (NIS). It has been a huge success since its implementation 51 years ago, with thousands of senior Bajans,... Read More


ON POINT: Let’s get best possible school menu

29 September 2018

It is indeed a sweet move, as the headline suggested in the last SUNDAY SUN. I welcome the plan to integrate more fruit, vegetables and water into the diet of our young people at school. There is no doubt that healthy diets contribute to healthy minds. Read More


EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Retooling may be a high price

14 September 2018

The Government is preparing for any fallout from its economic restructuring programme. The BERT (Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation) programme is going to leave a number of people dizzy, if not knocked out. Read More


EDITOR’S NOTEBOOK: Wanted – body to settle disputes

24 August 2018

Every so often there is a dispute in local sports, some controversy involving a club and its governing body. Then there is always the threat of resorting to the law courts for a resolution. In some instances, the matter has actually gone the distance. It is so... Read More


ON THE BALL: Always bet on Lakers

23 August 2018

Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. And the easy thing to do right now is to say the Lumber Company Lakers will win it all every year. Yeah, you can’t get me to bet against these Husbands men anytime soon. Not after the champs capped this ridiculous run... Read More


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