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Krystle Clear: Resolve to Keep Resolutions

12 January 2018

Every year, millions of people make resolutions. With well-meaning intentions, we make our lists and then they inevitably fall off our plate. We face great discouragement and shelve them for next year. But how can we ensure our goals do not fall by the way-side?... Read More


The Long View: Public officers must enforce rules

11 January 2018

Barbados has a serious problem. It has nothing to do with politicians, but rather our public officers. It is about their failure to implement the laws and regulations and to ensure the public does not breach the well laid out rules. Read More


A tale of pigs and razors

27 December 2017

Whatever happened to engaging the pig for Christmas? In the countryside of old-time Barbados, many families kept pigs which were slaughtered to feed the family. Some were also sold to friends, neighbours and co-workers. But before the pig was slaughtered it had to... Read More


Services, snoring and surprises

25 December 2017

I remember looking forward to Christmas morning at 5:00AM service. The house was always full of the smell of the ham and coconut bread baking, Mummy and Daddy rushing us off to bed by 10, and them staying up to finish all preparations. They would listen to midnight... Read More


Whatever happened to Christmas scrubbers?

24 December 2017

Celebrations started in earnest in the dark of Christmas Eve in times when country districts were yet without street lights. Scrubbers would commence their itinerary and could be heard singing somewhere in the deep. Children waited with just as much zeal and anxiety... Read More


Sand, scrubbing and sweeties

22 December 2017

I remember very well, the weeks leading up to, and just before Christmas. I can recall the preparations of going to the beach to get the sand for the yard, weeding around the house, washing down the house inside and outside, (I hated that part) scrubbing the floors... Read More


Bajan Christmas smells

20 December 2017

Those were the days. We always killed a pig and took orders where we sold almost the whole thing! Remember the wine and falernum that you took your gallon bottles to buy from a store in High Street? When I was in high school, in town, I was asked to pick it up after... Read More


French polish, hammering and kus-kus perfume

18 December 2017

I remember the banging of the hammer as curtains were being hung on Christmas eve night. There was the aroma of varnish or French Polish on the mahogany furniture, very often when you sat on the chairs on Christmas day you got stuck to them. There is practically... Read More


Krystle Clear: Celebrating Anti-Corruption Day . . . or are we?

08 December 2017

December 9th, 2017 will be celebrated globally as Anti-Corruption Day, which is an initiative spearheaded by the United Nations Convention. Corruption is defined as “dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery”. With this in mind,... Read More


Krystle Clear: Reducing duplicated efforts in the Public Service

01 December 2017

Continuing in the Deficit Report series, the controversial topic of streamlining government services was broached. Many persons believe that this is another way of sending home government workers. However, I strongly believe that this does not need to be the case.... Read More


The Long View: No fuss over 51st year of Independence

30 November 2017

Oh, what a difference 52 weeks can make. Just one year ago, Barbados was awash with patriotic feeling. The month of November 2016 was a very memorable period. It was the period of reflecting on the pride in this small island nation with a difference. Because... Read More


Price gouging hotline needed

21 November 2017

Minister of Finance, Chris Sinckler introduced a National Social Responsibility Levy. Then he came back this year and carried it up from two per cent to ten per cent. Nearly everyone warned that it would cause an increase in prices even though some things were exempted... Read More


Remember to thank our servicemen and women

14 November 2017

On Sunday Barbados saluted its war dead with the annual Remembrance Day parade at the Cenotaph in Heroes Square, The City. It was done with the usual pomp and dignity befitting the occasion. Those whom we have promised never to forget made supreme sacrifice ... Read More


Keys to Managing Unemployment

13 November 2017

Ensure your debt accounts are up to date: Should you have any outstanding amounts in arrears, it might be very challenging to service them should you become unemployed. Have savings set aside for the possibility of job loss: If possible, aim to have three months of... Read More


THE LONG VIEW: Have a heart for refugees

31 October 2017

Just how small the world is and how events in one place can impact what happens in another place was recently highlighted by the passage of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Barbados was not directly touched by these destructive weather systems but we did see the economic... Read More


THE LONG VIEW: Time to give back to UWI

24 October 2017

It must have been a moment of pride and accomplishment for thousands of students at the Cave Hill campus on Saturday when they received their certificates, diplomas and degrees as reward for their successful completion of years of dedicated study. I’m delighted at... Read More

Inside Editorial: Myths about Investigative Journalism

24 October 2017

It may be the number one question local journalists hear – ‘why don’t you do any investigative journalism?’ And as the number one media house in Barbados, the Nation’s journalists hear it even more than most. Read More


The Debt Snowball and recovering from financial loss

23 October 2017

Know that experiencing a financial loss does not signal that you have no future. I am not going to tell you that you will recover everything you have lost overnight, whether it was taken from you or whether it was a result of your behaviour. It will take time to recover.... Read More


Debt Restructuring - the Big Picture

13 October 2017

We have repeatedly heard that Barbadians should not be concerned with the downgrades from international rating agencies as the current government administration has no plans to borrow money on the international market. Given the timing of the next elections, this... Read More


Inside Editorial: The best and worst of times

03 October 2017

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Cited and referenced endlessly over the past 150 years, Charles Dickens’ timeless words could easily apply to the state of the news business now. People are reading, watching and listening to more news than... Read More


Krystle Clear: Restoring Investor Confidence in Barbados

29 September 2017

In my first blog, I spoke of the Deficit Committee of the Social Partnership and their Action Plan to reduce the fiscal deficit. The plan included agenda items to assist the country in making a comeback and rise from the slump of austerity. The Ease of Doing Business... Read More


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