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Unique opportunity for Mottley to shine

22 June 2018

Probably most of us who were born on a Caribbean island (Caribbean people) regard home as our island birthplace wherever we may end up living. Most of us, given the right conditions and opportunities, would wish to live in our place of birth and contribute to its... Read More


Where’s the morality, bishop?

21 June 2018

These are a few questions for Bishop Joseph Atherley and his spiritual advisor, Rev. Trevor Daniel. Where is the morality and spiritual integrity in Atherley – having convinced the constituents of St Michael West to vote for him as a member of the Barbados Labour... Read More


Initiatives to help us stay afloat

20 June 2018

Prior and subsequent to the last General Election, economic gurus and political scientists of varying opinions have offered for consideration what they think are the best solutions for the resurgence of Barbados’ economic fortunes. These solutions are mainly of a... Read More


Inquire before cutting service

19 June 2018

There are numerous ways in which ordinary citizens can help to improve service standards. Recently, I experienced the consequences of what may be best described as thoughtless and lazy actions on the part of a civil servant. This civil servant had apparently received... Read More


Confused by airline tax

18 June 2018

The present Government must be most heartily congratulated for its stunning performance in the recent General Election which saw the emergence of a very energetic lady, Miss Mia Amor Mottley, as Prime Minister of Barbados. Read More


Women and the Constitution

17 June 2018

I knew I wouldn’t have had to wait too long for some of our legal voluptuaries to put a case explaining away the awkwardness of the language in our Constitution and other statutes. What they ignore is that at its drafting our Constitution fell victim to a glaring... Read More


Come on, men, step up!

15 June 2018

First, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Prime Minister Mia Mottley and her newly elected Barbados Labour Party Government. I wish them the very best as Barbados navigates the very precarious waters in which we have found ourselves. Read More


Anglican Church has got to heal

14 June 2018

The Anglican Church in Barbados faces a major challenge. The Synod, the parliament of the Diocese, which comprises two co-equal houses – the House of Laity and the House of Clergy – has effectively rejected the final two nominees. Read More


Let’s move toward a circular economy

13 June 2018

CONGRATS TO THE NEW GOVERNMENT on its overwhelming mandate. To whom much is given, much is expected and there can be no unnecessary excuses for incompetence or the ability to get things done. Former United States President Barack Obama, in addressing the alumni of... Read More


Agriculture can save Barbados

12 June 2018

If Barbados is to emerge as a stronger nation from under its heavy debt burden and foreign exchange shortage, it needs to turn to agriculture in a serious way. It needs to develop an agriculture-based economy, instead of being dependent on countries such as the United... Read More


Let’s have a new Constitution

11 June 2018

IN HIS EXCELLENT LITTLE BOOK The Constitution And You Barbados, retired High Court judge LeRoy Inniss makes this penetrating point: “Knowledge of the Constitution is the citizen’s first defence against arbitrary or illegal state action.” Justice Inniss, however,... Read More


Time to do away with monarchy as Head of State

10 June 2018

An article in The Nation of May 29 entitled Time To Change Ministers’ Oath piqued my interest. The writer, Beverley J. Walrond, was annoyed that our ministers and others were still “taking the oath to the Queen, her heirs and successors”. She offered as an alternative... Read More


Reform child rights laws

07 June 2018

It was noted that at a recent workshop for media workers they were reminded of their duty to help protect children and in this instance particularly with regard to their reputation. However, no mention was made in the Press of the Mandatory Reporting Protocol Of... Read More


Two families of Catholic popes

06 June 2018

TO THE MEMBERS of the Elective Synod of the Diocese of Barbados: I am a history buff, interested in arcane nuggets of history. Recently, while reflecting on the ongoing matter for the election of a bishop which merited an iconic front page photograph in the DAILY... Read More


Leave Bishop choice to God

05 June 2018

The election of the 14th Bishop of Barbados is a topic for much discussion on our island and commentators have been giving their spin on this event. I have listened and read with much interest the various opinions on what the role of the Bishop should be. I have... Read More


Drastic changes at BRA

04 June 2018

I AM CONCERNED as to whether the new administration is fully aware of the major change taking place at the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA). The new Tax Administration Management Information System (TAMIS) came into operation from June 1 for all companies and businesses,... Read More


We await our justice

03 June 2018

I cite the words of Imran Khan, who as leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, whose name translates as “movement for justice”, says of Pakistan: “We are going down because our system of governance has collapsed because of corruption. “Corruption is what... Read More


Add Head of State to amendments

01 June 2018

In a letter published in the Daily Nation of May 29, 2018, Mrs Beverley Walrond, QC drew attention to the disturbing fact that our ministers of Government are still required to swear allegiance to our absent Head of State Queen Elizabeth II, and not to Barbados and... Read More


Dah beach not really mine

31 May 2018

Property owners in Barbados have the right to secure their property by way of a fence, guard wall or a simple “No Trespassing” sign. But does this apply to people who own beachfront properties? To demand that a property owner pay taxes for a significant portion of... Read More


You what, Sir Frank?

30 May 2018

SIR FRANK ALLEYNE has submitted (May 7) that it’s being argued that the younger of the two contenders for the See of Barbados should be “disqualified” because his episcopacy would appeal only to young people. He suggests that those who argue this must be living on Mars.... Read More


Time to change ministers’ oath

29 May 2018

I offer congratulations to our new Government and wish it every success as it works on behalf of the people of Barbados. At the swearing in of the ministers and parliamentary secretaries, our Prime Minister stressed that she expected a situation in which the citizenry... Read More


Should Government provide back-to-school assistance for parents who lost their jobs because of COVID-19?