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EDITORIAL: Why we must protect our free Press

03 May 2017

THE NEWS MEDIA is at a critical junction. Why? The convergence of many events has reshaped the way the media operates, shifting all of the norms of yesteryear. There is the fake news spectacle, promoted by special interest groups with no goodwill for the Fourth Estate.... Read More


EDITORIAL: Let’s not make this any worse, Mr Sinckler

02 May 2017

REFORM OF THE GOVERNANCE MODEL of the Central Bank of Barbados was inevitable following the recent public dispute between former Governor Dr DeLisle Worrell and Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler. It was a most unfortunate affair which left the bank bruised and its... Read More


EDITORIAL: Economic growth vital for labour

01 May 2017

TODAY, LABOUR DAY, is a time to celebrate the working men and women of this country and laud their outstanding contributions to nation-building. It’s a time to reflect on the many sacrifices made by those before us who toiled to improve this country of which we are... Read More


Kudos to postal upgrade

30 April 2017

AT A TIME when divestment of public assets, or privatisation as some call it, is on the front-burner of policy initiatives being talked about by some politicians and by social commentators, it is useful to look at the Barbados Postal Service (BPS), an entity trading... Read More


EDITORIAL: Urgent need for harassment laws

29 April 2017

WHEN THE US State Department published its latest report on Human Rights practices in Barbados, it went straight for the jugular. “Human rights activists report that sexual harassment continued to be of serious concern” in Barbados, was the way Washington put it. ... Read More


EDITORIAL: Let the idea of Barbados inspire us

28 April 2017

TODAY IS NATIONAL HEROES DAY in Barbados. While many activities will be held to pay homage to the national heroes, including the lone living one, Sir Garry Sobers, it is also important to remember those who have toiled in this land, and by the sweat of their brow have... Read More


EDITORIAL: Reconnect truth and governance

27 April 2017

“The lies in politics worry me. But that is not what worries me most. What worries most is our collective political indifference and acceptance of the lies. That is a problem for our democracy, politics and governance.” – Dr Ronnie Yearwood AT THE OUTSET of his lecture... Read More


EDITORIAL: Recapture importance of Heroes Day

26 April 2017

ON FRIDAY we celebrate National Heroes Day. It should be an occasion that unites us as a people. Unfortunately, the occasion will likely highlight how politically divided we are, even if we agree that there is more that unites us than separates us. Since its inception... Read More


EDITORIAL: Sir George’s stellar service

25 April 2017

WHEN SIR GEORGE ALLEYNE demits office as chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI) within a few months, it will close an important chapter not only in his life, but also that of the university. After all, he has had a stellar relationship with the UWI for... Read More


EDITORIAL: State boards need radical shake-up

24 April 2017

THE PRESIDENT OF the Barbados Union of Teachers, Pedro Shepherd, has made a call for the revamp of secondary school boards. He feels that there is no justification for one at each school. While other educators and teachers’ union leaders may not share his viewpoint... Read More


EDITORIAL: Expanding diplomatic contacts

23 April 2017

AT A TIME when Barbados and the region seek to generate economic growth and to foster economic links which can be developed to the benefit of the region’s people, Dr Chelston Brathwaite, this country’s Ambassador to China, is suggesting that we place greater emphasis... Read More


EDITORIAL: Barbados’ lesson for New York

22 April 2017

NEW YORK WOULDN’T admit it, but chances are the best known state in America may have learned something from tiny Barbados. The lesson: if you can afford it and are determined to give the poor and the middle-class a chance to climb the economic and social ladder at... Read More


EDITORIAL: Getting set for E-day

21 April 2017

AND THEY ARE OFF! Last week’s enthusiastic announcement of new faces to represent the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) in three St Michael constituencies in the next general election was the broadest hint yet that the ruling party is thinking in terms of its date with... Read More


EDITORIAL: Festivals need fresh ideas

20 April 2017

THE RECENT LAMENT has not been lost on the ears of those listening that the support for the annual Oistins Fish Festival is waning. The festival, now in its 40th year, has been recording a reduction in patrons attending its events, while fewer businesses have been... Read More


EDITORIAL: Time to speak up, Dr Estwick

19 April 2017

IF THERE IS ONE THING that can be said about Minister of Agriculture, Food and Water Resource Management, Dr David Estwick, it is that he can speak most vociferously on issues. When he wants to enforce a point, his intonation captures attention and evokes a smile.... Read More


EDITORIAL: Worrisome rise in road accidents

18 April 2017

THE SPATE OF, and the spike in, vehicular accidents on our roads must be worrisome to even the casual observer. We have already surpassed the number of fatalities so far this year than what we recorded for all of 2016. More worrisome is the number of traffic accidents... Read More


EDITORIAL: Korean crisis requires cool heads

17 April 2017

EVENTS IN EAST ASIA would normally not grasp our attention on a daily basis. However, given the tensions there between North Korea on the one hand, and the United States and its allies South Korea and Japan on the other, we have no choice but to follow very closely... Read More


EDITORIAL: High cost of brain drain

16 April 2017

ONCE AGAIN and possibly at the worst of all times, the question of this country’s brain drain has reared its inconvenient head, with the recent Front Page story that Barbados is losing a staggering two-thirds of its tertiary-level-educated students to 15 of the world’s... Read More


EDITORIAL: The arts deserve more than talk

15 April 2017

THE GROWTH of the cultural arts in Barbados over the past 40 years has been phenomenal. From Crop Over Festival to the staging of fashion events to NIFCA – they all tell a story of acceptance and the realisation that the arts must be seen as growth opportunities in... Read More


EDITORIAL: Vandalism of 3Ws’ bust a shame

14 April 2017

TODAY WE CRY SHAME on the vandals who destroyed one of the 3Ws’ busts at Wanstead Park, Cave Hill, St Michael. The decapitated head of Sir Clyde Walcott’s, which once sat nestled between that of Sir Everton Weekes and Sir Frank Worrell, was left on the ground. It is... Read More


EDITORIAL: How long is ‘Good Friday’?

13 April 2017

NOT FOR THE first time, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart said recently that we need to have a Good Friday occurrence in order to enjoy the glory of an Easter experience. His most recent pronouncement was delivered to a group of long-faithful visitors to Barbados, an... Read More


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