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ALTAR CALL: Submit yourself to the fire

17 May 2010

IT WAS A three-week crusade with  a difference. Read More

SILENT DOCTORS: Shedding light on yeast infections

17 May 2010

Additionally, when  a woman is challenged to stop for a moment to deal with a yeast infection, focus must be directed  on supporting, loving  and detoxing herself. Read More

WILD COOT: Well, is it a sin?

17 May 2010

I am sorry for anyone who is incarcerated for marrying two women. When I was young, doing so would have solved many problems. Read More

Need for a scientific study

17 May 2010

Charges that some Barbadian secondary schools have become virtual hotbeds of lesbianism and gangs triggered a robust debate among the general public Read More

BC's Barbados: 11-plus minus

17 May 2010

Question 20. Chris Gayle (struck) the ball over the pavilion. Another trick question: you can only strike the ball if you’re still in the tournament. Sorry, Chris. Read More

Belize's faith in CCJ is valued

16 May 2010

All right-thinking Caribbean people will be especially pleased to have read the announcement earlier this week that Belize will become a member of the Caribbean Court of Justice Read More

The Al Gilkes column – Wishing the PM well

16 May 2010

I TRY to keep as far as possible from politics and politicians whenever I sit down to write this column, but today I am making an exception following the unexpected news this weekend that Prime Minister David Thompson is not well. Read More

THE MOORE THINGS CHANGE: Goodbye, Test cricket

16 May 2010

That event is permanently etched in the inner recesses of my memory since February 6, 1954.  I was 13. Clyde Walcott came in after Frank Worrell and dug in Read More


COZIER ON CRICKET: Aussies, Brits most worthy

15 May 2010

ONCE they hit the back straight, the feature event, for the ICC Twenty20 Trophy, was purely a two-horse race.After jostling for positions out of the stalls and overcoming a few minor bumps over the first furlong, the entrants in the green and gold and the red, white... Read More

PUDDING & SOUSE: Movie blues on Channel 8

15 May 2010

The switchboard has been busy for the past few weeks complaining about the sub-standard quality  of the programming from our "friends" in The Pine. Read More

MAVIS BECKLES: Breaking own rules

15 May 2010

It is amazing how people does be making their own rules, setting up their own scenes, expecting you and me tuh live by dem, and then duh does turn around and break dem. Read More

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Breaking the bank

15 May 2010

A CERTAIN HIGH PROFILE individual almost gave a well known public servant a major heart attack recently. Read More

SATURDAY'S CHILD: Day of the dinosaur

15 May 2010

A dinosaur got stuck in Trinidad. Was it by choice? Read More

NEW YORK, NEW YORK: Region bridging the religious gap

14 May 2010

After the highly contentious church battle over homosexuality that threatened to split the worldwide Anglican Communion, a spirit  of compromise may  be setting in. Read More

OUR CARIBBEAN: Caricom's UN historic event on diseases

14 May 2010

YESTERDAY’S SCHEDULED meeting of the United Nations General Assembly was a history-making event for the governments and people of the 15-member Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Read More

GUEST COLUMN: T&T recollections

14 May 2010

My column on Basdeo Panday which was recently published seems to have stirred up some interest Read More

THE LOWDOWN: We want to know

14 May 2010

"Exactly! When I saw that damn poppy in the distance, I thought you were a red dot special. And you know I can’t resist one of those". Read More

GUEST COLUMN: For tourism's sake

13 May 2010

AGAIN I find myself compelled to comment about what is happening in the tourism industry in Barbados. For years I have heard fellow members in this industry cry out Read More

MARKET VENDOR: Roller-coaster week in T20 cricket

12 May 2010

BY THE time wunnah read this West Indies  fate will be sealed one way or the other Read More

BLABBERMOUT BABSIE: Welcome changes comin'

11 May 2010

I been walkin’ ’bout dis pas’ week, grinnin’ like Skinners mare, an’ my frien’ Philomena wanta know wha’ gine on Read More

New Dawn – Mum's memories

10 May 2010

I have no friendship with this man, although he says "he feels like my uncle". Very creepy! The aunt rants and raves about our side of the family not being "saved" in her church, in spite of our being believers our whole lives Read More


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