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Leadpipe wins Tune Of The Crop

05 August 2019

Leadpipe can add another crown to his Crop Over tally, with his groovy song Sometime winning Tune Of The Crop. Read More


Bands moving past Eagle Hall

05 August 2019

They are moving slowly, but several bands from both Warrens and Codrington have passed Eagle Hall. Read More


Bands on the road for Grand Kadooment

05 August 2019

Bands have hit the road for the 2019 Republic Bank Grand Kadooment. Read More


Grand Kadooment Coverage

05 August 2019

As part of its enhanced coverage of Crop Over 2019, Nation Publishing will be streaming the 2019 Republic Bank Grand Kadooment here on our website and on Facebook at The Nation Barbados. Read More


70 left ashore

05 August 2019

A POPULAR CRUISE left 70 disgruntled customers stranded on the dock and watching the MV Harbour Master sail into the sunset without them. Read More


Call to update Foreday Jam

05 August 2019

SOME FOREDAY MORNING JAM band leaders want the event to go in a different direction – literally. Read More


No Jam Tune this year

03 August 2019

For the first time in recent years there is no Jam Tune for Foreday Morning. It is understood that this year there was no sponsor for the competition that judges the song played most on Foreday Morning. Read More


Foreday jam taking place under heavy security

03 August 2019

Hundreds of people have lined the streets to witness this year’s Barbados Light & Power Foreday Morning Jam. Read More


Classic is calypso king again

03 August 2019

Four years after he first won the crown, Classic is once again on top of calypso royalty. Early this morning, emcee Mac Fingall announced William “Classic” Waithe was winner of the 2019 Courtesy Pic-O-De-Crop Finals at Kensington Oval. Read More


Leadpipe wins People’s Monarch with Sometime

02 August 2019

The people have their king. Leadpipe, along with Jus J, are the winners of the 2019 Starcom Network Flow People’s Monarch.. Read More


Check ratings before going to the movies

02 August 2019

The Film Censorship Board (FCB) has reminded movie-goers to take the time to Read More


Security and transportation issues addressed at Crop Over meeting

01 August 2019

Crop Over stakeholders have a singular focus for the final weekend of this year’s festival - ensuring patrons and resellers have a safe, seamless and entirely enjoyable experience. Read More


Final voting for People’s Monarch

31 July 2019

Will it be a Fair Sa day for Hypasounds? Will Sometime come tomorrow for Leadpipe? Read More


Thousands turn out to party in the Botanical Gardens

28 July 2019

Hot and humid conditions gave way to rain around the halfway mark of today’s MQI 98.1 The One Soca Monarch Competition, heing held for the first time at the National Botanical Gardens, Waterford, St Michael. Read More


 Big treat at Soca Monarch today

28 July 2019

Some of the biggest names in entertainment who did not make it to the MQI 98.1 The One Soca Monarch Finals will still be on stage today at the National Botanical Gardens. Read More


VIDEO: Skung Yung in Studio

28 July 2019

In this episode of Crop Over Central we talk to Soca Monarch finalist Skung Yung. He tells us about his musical journey that has taken him all over the world Read More


Soca Monarch show still on

28 July 2019

The MQI 98.1 The One Soca Monarch Competition will take place today as scheduled. Read More


Prices take top award at Junior Kadooment

27 July 2019

The husband and wife team of Sanka and Sonia Price took the top award at this year’s Junior Kadooment in association with Consolidated Finance, held earlier today at the historic Kensington Oval. Read More


Junior Kadooment starts with message of peace

27 July 2019

Amalgamated Schools under the theme Operation White Dove came with a serious message to start this year’s Junior Kadooment. With messages of love, peace and unity and no to gun violence, children from the schools costume making programme are giving their all on stage... Read More


A Trip to Mars with Marzville

25 July 2019

Police and security are in place for the first staging of Welcome To Marz Ville Trip to Mars, presented by Dewars Scotch Whisky, tomorrow night at Kensington Oval. Read More


Pic-O-De-Crop line-up set after a few switches

24 July 2019

After a couple of switches, the line-up for the finals of the Courtesy Pic-O-De Crop Competition was announced this evening at the historic Kensington Oval. Read More


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