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Bolivia’s president will call new election

11 November 2019

LA PAZ – Bolivia’s President Evo Morales has said he will call a new election after international monitors questioned the validity of his victory last month. Read More


Australia warns of bushfire threat

11 November 2019

SYDNEY – Australia is warning of a “catastrophic” bushfire threat to its largest city Sydney and surrounding areas tomorrow. Read More


Scotland looking after its interest in election outcome

10 November 2019

EDINBURGH – Scottish Nationalists will seek “a progressive alliance” with the opposition Labour Party if an election next month results in no one winning an overall majority, but the party wants a second independence vote in return, its leader Nicola Sturgeon said on... Read More


Manager to pay for forced labour

09 November 2019

SOUTH CAROLINA – John Christopher Smith suffered in silence for years as his manager at a South Carolina restaurant physically abused him and forced him to work more than 100 hours a week without pay, federal officials say. Read More


US to raise age limit for vaping

09 November 2019

WASHINGTON - The United States plans to raise the age limit for vaping to 21, U.S. President Donald Trump said on Friday, adding that his administration would issue its final report on such products next week. Read More


Congressional hearings on impeachment will be televised

07 November 2019

WASHINGTON – Three U.S. diplomats who expressed alarm about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine will serve as star witnesses when Democrats bring their impeachment case against Trump directly to the public with televised congressional hearings next week,... Read More


Death toll rises in Ethiopia

05 November 2019

ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said on Sunday the death toll from protests last month had risen to 86 and urged citizens to resist forces threatening to impede the country’s progress. Read More


More injured as Hong Kong protests continue

04 November 2019

HONG KONG – Scores of people were injured in Hong Kong during a chaotic weekend of anti-government protests that left one man in a critical condition, authorities said on Monday, and China called for a tougher stance to end months of unrest. Read More


Canada issues travel advisory for Haiti as protests continue

02 November 2019

OTTAWA,– The government of Canada has warned nationals to avoid travelling to Haiti as violent protests and widespread civil unrest have been taking place across the nation for several weeks. Read More


Google plans to acquire Fitbit

02 November 2019

NEW YORK - Google announced plans yesterday to acquire Fitbit, the world’s leading maker of wearable fitness activity trackers. Read More


Johnson rejects election advice

02 November 2019

LONDON – Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected the suggestion from Nigel Farage and Donald Trump that he should work with the Brexit Party during the election. Read More


Iran saves Iraq’s head

01 November 2019

BAGHDAD – Iran has stepped in to prevent the ouster of Iraqi Prime Minister Abdel Abdul Mahdi by two of Iraq’s most influential figures amid weeks of anti-government demonstrations, sources close to both men told Reuters. Read More


Party line holds

01 November 2019

WASHINGTON – A deeply divided United States House of Representatives took a major step in the effort to impeach President Donald Trump yesterday when lawmakers approved rules for the next, more public, stage in the Democratic-led inquiry into Trump’s attempt to have... Read More


WhatsApp hack ‘worldwide’

01 November 2019

WASHINGTON – Senior government officials in multiple United States-allied countries were targeted earlier this year with hacking software that used Facebook Inc’s WhatsApp to take over users’ phones, according to people familiar with the messaging company’s investigation... Read More


Long-lost Italian Renaissance painting sells for 24 million euros

31 October 2019

SENLIS, France – A long-lost painting by 13th century Italian master Cimabue that was found in the kitchen of an elderly French woman was sold for 24 million euros ($26.6 million), more than four times the pre-auction estimate, auction Acteon house said on Sunday. Read More


Chinese cafe dyes pups to look like pandas

31 October 2019

CHENGDU, China – Would you like your dog transformed into a panda? It takes just 1 500 yuan ($212.28) at a pet café in southwest China that dyes pups in black and white streaks to resemble the animal that is considered a national treasure. Read More


As winds surge, new wildfire ignites near Reagan Library outside Los Angeles

30 October 2019

LOS ANGELES – A fresh wildfire ignited near the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library outside Los Angeles on Wednesday as extraordinarily dry, prolonged Santa Ana winds whipped through the region, forcing meteorologists to grasp for new language to warn of the danger.... Read More


Johnson’s finds no asbestos in recalled baby powder

30 October 2019

NEW JERSEY – Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday that 15 new tests found no asbestos in a bottle of baby powder that the United States Food and Drug Administration says tested positive for trace amounts of asbestos, a finding the agency stands by. Read More


UK elections set for December 12

29 October 2019

LONDON - The UK is set for a December 12 general election after MPs voted to back it following months of deadlock over Brexit. By a margin of 438 votes to 20, the Commons approved legislation paving the way for the first December election since 1923. Read More


Trump adviser testifies about alarm over call with Ukraine leader

29 October 2019

WASHINGTON – A top adviser to President Donald Trump on Ukraine testified on Tuesday that he was so alarmed after hearing Trump ask Ukraine’s president to investigate a political rival, Democrat Joe Biden, that he reported the matter to a White House lawyer out of concern... Read More


Democrats to vote on impeachment on Thursday

29 October 2019

WASHINGTON – Democrats in Congress, answering Republican complaints that their impeachment investigation of U.S. President Donald Trump is being conducted in secret, plan a vote on Thursday on a format for going public with their inquiry, marking a significant new stage... Read More


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