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Trump: ISIS man died crying

28 October 2019

WASHINGTON – Fugitive Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi died “whimpering and crying” in a raid by United States special forces in northwest Syria, President Donald Trump announced yesterday, in what he called a major victory over the jihadist group. Read More


New evacuation issued as wildfires continue

28 October 2019

CALIFORNIA – Authorities issued new evacuation orders as wildfires that led to mass power cuts continued to sweep through the state yesterday. Read More


Spanish police, massed Catalan protesters clash in central Barcelona

27 October 2019

BARCELONA – Spanish police and militant elements in a thousands-strong crowd of protesters clashed in the streets of Barcelona close to police headquarters late on Saturday as a pro-independence demonstration by a direct action group turned violent. Read More


Actress Felicity Huffman released early from US college scandal sentence

27 October 2019

CALIFORNIA – Actress Felicity Huffman, the first parent in the United States college admissions cheating scandal to go to prison, was released from a California facility on Friday, before the end of her 14-day sentence, a prison spokeswoman said. Read More


Driver charged with manslaughter of 39 people

26 October 2019

LONDON – A lorry driver has been charged with the manslaughter of 39 people found dead inside a refrigerated trailer. Maurice Robinson, 25, was arrested after the bodies of 31 men and eight women were found in Grays on Wednesday. Read More


Major wildfires rage near Los Angeles and wineries north of San Francisco

26 October 2019

CALIFORNIA – California firefighters on Friday sought to take advantage of a lull in winds to gain ground on a pair of fast-moving wildfires, including one that has forced the evacuation of about 50 000 residents in suburbs north of Los Angeles. Read More


US Representative Cummings eulogised by Hillary Clinton

25 October 2019

BALTIMORE – Former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday praised the late Elijah Cummings, a leading force in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, as someone who “stood against corrupt leadership”. Read More


Germans recall fall of Berlin Wall

25 October 2019

BERLIN – Dagmar Simdorn had been to visit her husband’s grave when she walked out of the cemetery and looked along her street towards the austere Berlin Wall checkpoint at Bernauer Strasse. Read More


Tourists banned from climbing sacred rock in Australia

25 October 2019

NORTHERN TERRITORY, Australia – Huge crowds are expected to scramble up Australia’s Uluru on Friday before a ban on the climb takes effect. The giant monolith – formerly known as Ayers Rock – will be permanently off limits to visitors from Saturday. Uluru is sacred... Read More


British PM calls for December 12 election to break Brexit deadlock

24 October 2019

LONDON – Prime Minister Boris Johnson called on Thursday for a general election on December 12 to break Britain’s Brexit impasse, conceding for the first time he will not meet his “do or die” deadline to leave the European Union next week. Read More


Three die in floods in Nice

24 October 2019

PARIS – Three people have died as a result of this week’s storms and floods in the south of France, the French government said on Thursday. Read More


Republicans interrupt impeachment hearing

23 October 2019

WASHINGTON – Republican lawmakers, encouraged by President Donald Trump to get tougher in fighting Democrats’ attempts to impeach him, on Wednesday disrupted the U.S. House of Representatives impeachment inquiry and prevented a Pentagon official from testifying. Read More


Sheep take over streets of Madrid for annual migration

23 October 2019

MADRID – Sheep replaced traffic on the streets of Madrid on Sunday as shepherds steered their flocks through the heart of the Spanish capital, following ancient migration routes. Read More


Canada’s Trudeau clings to power; must court left after losing popular vote

22 October 2019

OTTAWA – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hung onto power after a tight election on Monday that saw his government reduced to a minority, results that will likely push his agenda to the left while alienating energy producing provinces. Read More


After Chile riots, thousands rally to protest at Pinera government

22 October 2019

SANTIAGO – Thousands of Chileans poured into Santiago’s central squares Monday to protest high living costs after a weekend of looting, arson and clashes with security forces killed 11 people and prompted President Sebastian Pinera to declare the country “at war” with... Read More


US could leave some troops in Syria to guard oil

22 October 2019

DOHUK, Iraq/KABUL – The Pentagon is considering keeping some United States troops near oilfields in northeastern Syria alongside Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to help deny oil to Islamic State militants, Defence Secretary Mark Esper said on Monday. Read More


Spanish PM visits Barcelona, criticises regional chief

21 October 2019

BARCELONA – Spain’s acting prime minister Pedro Sanchez made a quick visit to Catalonia on Monday after a week of separatist unrest but spurned the pro-independence regional chief, accusing him of failing in his duty to restore order. Read More


Egypt unveils biggest ancient coffin find in over a century

20 October 2019

LUXOR, Egypt – Egypt on Saturday unveiled the details of 30 ancient wooden coffins with mummies inside discovered in the southern city of Luxor in the biggest find of its kind in more than a century. Read More


22-year-old carving a name for himself in Rome

20 October 2019

ROME – Andrea Gandini, a 22-year-old Roman sculptor, is making a growing name for himself by turning the Eternal City’s dead tree stumps into much-admired pieces of art. Read More


Clinton email probe finds no deliberate mishandling of classified information

19 October 2019

WASHINGTON – A United States State Department investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state has found no evidence of deliberate mishandling of classified information by department employees. Read More


Barcelona rocked by violence on fifth day of separatist protests

19 October 2019

BARCELONA – Hundreds of protesters battled police in the heart of Barcelona on Friday, setting up fiery barricades and hurling rocks at security forces on the fifth day of unrest following the jailing of Catalan separatist leaders. Read More


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