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World Cup of cocaine 'most original'

05 July 2010

BOGOTA – Fans worldwide have fashioned replicas of the World Cup trophy out of everything from papier-mâché to plastic Read More


Chelsea's wedding Clinton's top priority

04 July 2010

KRAKOW, Poland – Hillary Rodham Clinton said she’s not letting the demands of global diplomacy stop her from planning daughter Chelsea’s wedding. Read More

Pirates kidnap sailors

04 July 2010

LAGOS, Nigeria – Pirates kidnapped 12 foreign sailors off the coast of Nigeria’s restive and oil-rich southern delta Read More

Over 220 killed as tanker explodes

04 July 2010

KINSHASA – A fuel tanker flipped over and exploded into flames in eastern Congo overnight, killing at least 220 villagers Read More

Poll on voting change

02 July 2010

LONDON – Britain will hold a public referendum next year on overhauling its voting system – a potentially radical change that could see the country frequently led by European-style coalition governments rather than by one strong party. Read More


Driving while blind?

02 July 2010

WASHINGTON – Getting behind the wheel has long been considered impossible for the blind. That could soon change. Read More

Driver guilty of trying to sell Ritz Hotel

02 July 2010

LONDON – An unemployed British truck driver has been convicted of trying to sell the world famous Ritz Hotel for £250 million (BDS$760 million) to a duped investor. Read More

Matter of life or death

02 July 2010

JOHANNESBURG – There’s no exaggeration in this tournament when players talk about a football match being a matter of life or death. Read More

Pakistanis blame America after deadly shrine attack

02 July 2010

ISLAMABAD – A twin suicide attack that killed 42 at Pakistan’s most popular Sufi shrine has angered and frustrated Pakistanis, with some saying that the solution to the country’s terror threat is a United States exit from Afghanistan. Read More

Toyota to recall 138 000 Lexus vehicles in US

02 July 2010

WASHINGTON – Toyota Motor Corp. said it intended to recall 138 000 Lexus vehicles in the United States to fix faulty engines in the latest quality problem to afflict the world’s No. 1 automaker. Read More


2 spy suspects admit using fake names

02 July 2010

Prosecutors say two more suspects in an alleged Russian spy ring have admitted they are Russian citizens living in the U.S. under false identities. Read More

Toyota warns: 270 000 cars faulty

02 July 2010

LONDON – Japanese car giant Toyota has warned about potential faults with the engines of about 270 000 cars it has sold worldwide, including the luxury Lexus. Read More

17 Somalis die in battle

02 July 2010

MOGADISHU, Somalia –  An artillery shell struck a building where families had sought shelter, killing 11 people, part of a day of violent battle in the Somali capital that saw a total of 17 people killed yesterday, an emergency official said. Read More

Judges protest law

01 July 2010

ROME – Italian judges and prosecutors shut down trials nationwide yesterday to protest government austerity measures that would slash their salaries, and many joined protests against a proposed law that would limit the use of wiretaps in investigations. Read More


Nova Scotia visit

01 July 2010

Queen Elizabeth, accompanied by Prince Philip and Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia, Mayann Francis, walking on the grounds of Government House before a tree-planting ceremony in Halifax. Read More

Circumcision deaths alarm SA

30 June 2010

JOHANNESBURG – South African health officials are alarmed by the rise in deaths among men who have had botched traditional circumcisions, after 39 young men died in the last month after undergoing the rite of passage into manhood. Read More

Hurricane Alex heads for Mexico

30 June 2010

MATAMOROS, Mexico – The first Atlantic hurricane of the year plowed ahead toward a collision with the Mexican Gulf coast and south Texas, whipping up high waves that frustrated oil-spill clean-up efforts and delivering tar balls and globs of crude onto already soiled... Read More

Convict can appeal

30 June 2010

LONDON – The first person to be convicted in Britain for the crime of directing terrorism has won the right to appeal after judges agreed to consider his claim that he was tortured. Read More

Russia not worried

30 June 2010

MOSCOW – Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs says Moscow expects that a spy scandal won’t hurt Russian-United States relations. Read More

10 held on spy charges

29 June 2010

NEW YORK – They sometimes worked in pairs and pretended to be married so they could blend in as the couple next door as they worked as spies in a throwback to the Cold War with fake identities, invisible ink, coded radio transmissions and encrypted data to avoid detection,... Read More

Ex-police chief on rape charges

29 June 2010

STOCKHOLM – A former police chief has gone on trial in Sweden on charges of rape and other sexual offences. Read More


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