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Police break up gay rally in Russian capital

21 September 2010

MOSCOW – Police dispersed a gay  rally Tuesday and detained at least a dozen protesters in the Russian capital. Read More


New help for Haiti's recovery

21 September 2010

NEW YORK – Former President Bill Clinton today warned of the growing devastation of the global economic downturn and said the dangers posed by natural disasters around the world had been increased by the effects of climate change. Read More

UN agency: 40 youths murdered daily in Europe

21 September 2010

COPENHAGEN, Denmark – The World Health Organisation says 40 young Europeans are murdered every day, with Russia, Albania and Kazakhstan having the highest homicide rates for people aged 10 to 29. Read More

Israel warns of violence if peace talks fail

21 September 2010

JERUSALEM – With an Israeli-Palestinian impasse on settlement construction set to come to a head this weekend, the Israeli military chief said Tuesday that new Palestinian violence could erupt if peace talks collapse. Read More


Monsoon rains kill 47

20 September 2010

LUCKNOW, India – Heavy monsoon rains and landslides swept the hilly areas of northern India over the weekend, killing at least 47 people. Read More

Drug war kills journalist, threatens news reporting

20 September 2010

MEXICO CITY – A Mexican newspaper in the heartland of the country’s drug war has asked cartels for guidance on whether it should publish stories on the conflict. Read More

Zuma looks to unite ANC

20 September 2010

Durban – South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma has called for unity in the governing party and condemned leadership squabbles in the ANC. Read More


Pope beatifies cardinal

20 September 2010

LONDON – Pope Benedict XVI wrapped up his visit to Britain yesterday with the beatification of Cardinal John Henry Newman, the 19th century Anglican convert held up by the pope as a model for the faithful because he followed his conscience at great personal cost.... Read More

Landslides sweep northern India

20 September 2010

New Delhi, India – At least 63 people have been killed from flooding and landslides in northern India since Saturday, officials said yesterday. Read More

BP well finally killed

20 September 2010

GULF OF MEXICO – A cement plug has permanently killed BP’s runaway well nearly 2.5 miles (four kilometres) below the sea floor in the Gulf of Mexico, five agonising months after an explosion sank a drilling rig and led to the worst offshore oil spill in United States... Read More


Bombs over Baghdad

19 September 2010

Three car bombs tore through Baghdad and the former insurgent stronghold of Fallujah yesterday, killing at least 36 people. Read More


Out with Ahmadinejad

18 September 2010

Majid Saatchi (left) of Island Park, New York, demonstrating against Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s appearance at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in New York. Read More

Jail move for George Michael

18 September 2010

LONDON – Jailed pop star George Michael has been transferred to a softer Category C prison. Read More

Acid attack a hoax

18 September 2010

VANCOUVER, Washington – The scars on her face were real, but her story about being splashed with acid was a horrific hoax. Read More


Storm rips up NY boroughs

18 September 2010

NEW YORK – A brief but vicious storm that churned through New York City left a 14-mile path of destruction from Brooklyn to Queens, toppling trees, peeling away roofs and killing a woman in a car who had just swapped seats with her husband. Read More

Lawyers' bras set off scanners

18 September 2010

HASSELT, Belgium – Angry female lawyers have complained that bored prison guards are forcing them to remove their bras by pretending that metal wiring and clasps in their underwear is setting off security scanners. Read More

234 000 old folks 'missing'

18 September 2010

TOKYO, Japan – Something’s fishy in Japan, and it’s not the sushi. A string of macabre discoveries of dead centenarians has prompted the Japanese government to recheck their numbers and, so far, the results are disturbing. Read More


Dying mum: Ten docs missed my stomach cancer

18 September 2010

BIRMINGHAM, England – A mum of three has been given just weeks to live after ten hospital doctors and her own physician missed telltale signs of cancer. Angela Skeffington, 43, claims blundering medics continually misdiagnosed her stomach cancer as period pains,... Read More

Woman not 'lashed, tortured'

17 September 2010

Tehran – Iranian state TV has aired footage of a woman, claiming to be the one sentenced to death by stoning, saying she has not been lashed or tortured. Read More


Mostly cheers for Pope

16 September 2010

Edinburgh – Pope Benedict has said he wants to "extend the hand of friendship" to the whole of Britain during his visit. Read More


Brave battle

15 September 2010

CANÇUN, Mexico – A strong Tropical Storm Karl made landfall on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula yesterday, hitting a sparsely populated stretch of Caribbean coast, while two Category 4 hurricanes roared further out in the Atlantic. Read More


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