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Face transplant recipient thanks docs

27 July 2010

MADRID – A Spanish man who underwent the world’s first full face transplant appeared before TV cameras yesterday for the first time since his surgery, thanking his doctors and the family of the donor. Read More

US angry over leaked files

27 July 2010

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon said yesterday it was trying to assess the damage caused by the Internet leak of some 91 000 classified documents on the Afghanistan war. Read More

Afghan government shocked at documents' release

27 July 2010

KABUL – The Afghan government says it is "shocked" that 90 000 leaked United States military documents were released on the war, but most of the information ws not new and had been discussed in the past. Read More

BP's Haywood on way out

27 July 2010

NEW ORLEANS – Tony Hayward, who became the face of BP’s flailing efforts to contain the massive Gulf oil spill, will step down as chief executive in Read More

US displays military might

27 July 2010

ABOARD THE USS GEORGE WASHINGTON – The East Sea off the coast of the Korean peninsula roiled yesterday with American and South Korean ships, Read More

British immigration cuts on cards

26 July 2010

LONDON – British Prime Minister David Cameron won much attention on his recent trip to the United States with his programme of savage spending cuts. Read More

A first for black man in Russian politics

26 July 2010

NOVOZAVIDOVO, Russia – People in this Russian town used to stare at Jean Gregoire Sagbo because they had never seen a black man. Read More

BP chief 'on the way out'

26 July 2010

LONDON – BP chief executive Tony Hayward is negotiating the terms of his departure ahead of the oil company’s results announcement, Read More

Let's work together against terrorism!

26 July 2010

KAMPALA – A top United States official yesterday pledged continued support for African peacekeeping efforts in war-torn Somalia, Read More

Iran ready for US ships

25 July 2010

TEHRAN, Iran – A former naval chief in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard says his country has set aside 100 military vessels to confront each United States warship that poses a threat. Read More

N. Korea threatens war

25 July 2010

SEOUL, South Korea – North Korea vowed yesterday to respond with "powerful nuclear deterrence" to joint United States and South Korean military exercises poised to begin this weekend, Read More

BP clean-up back on track

25 July 2010

NEW ORLEANS – BP’s evacuation of the Gulf of Mexico was called off yesterday and ships headed back to resume work on plugging the leaky well as remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie breezed past. Read More

Facebook feud ends in death

25 July 2010

PONTIAC, Michigan – A Facebook feud between two women who claimed to love the same prison inmate led to a high-speed chase and a crash that critically injured one of the rivals, Read More


Church girl turns nympho

24 July 2010

LONDON, England – Heather Howland looks at the floor as Andy, her husband of 15 years, tries to work out how many men she has had inappropriate relations with in the past two years. Read More

7 000 in Gaza go for record

23 July 2010

RAFAH, Gaza Strip – More than7 000 Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip simultaneously dribbled basketballs for five minutes yesterday in an attempt to enter the Guinness Book of World Records, Gaza’s top United Nations aid official said. Read More

Storm warning for site of BP oil spill

23 July 2010

GULF OF MEXICO – British Petroleum (BP) workers in the Gulf of Mexico have stopped drilling a relief well and are preparing to evacuate the oil spill site as a tropical depression nears. Read More


US push for new N.Korea sanctions

22 July 2010

SEOUL, South Korea – The Obama administration moved yesterday to push new sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear weapons programme, Read More


White House says sorry

22 July 2010

WASHINGTON – An embarrassed White House apologised yesterday to a black Agriculture Department employee who was ousted for her remarks about race, Read More

China is biggest energy user

21 July 2010

PARIS – China has overtaken the United States as the world’s largest energy consumer, the International Energy Agency said yesterday. Read More

Leaders blast release of Lockerbie bomber

21 July 2010

WASHINGTON – British Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday turned aside United States calls for an investigation into the release of the Lockerbie bomber by Scotland Read More

Playboy launches 'clean' site

21 July 2010

CHICAGO – Finally, something for those guys who say they read Playboy for the articles: a chance to prove it. Read More


Instead of an announcement via the Throne Speech, should Barbadians decide via referendum whether the country becomes a republic?