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EASY MAGAZINE: Size no match for Megghan’s confidence

24 October 2019

Whenever Megghan Michael steps on a stage, she urges herself to own it! As a dancer she’s fierce and energetic, and she definitely grabs your attention regardless of what she’s doing. Based on the world’s standards, she is “plus sized”. But what does that mean? Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: Paula’s ‘tribe’ her strength

23 October 2019

She’s plus-sized and she has owned some pageant stages in her time. Paula Powlett was first runner-up in the Queen’s College pageant in 2012, and while at UWI Mona she was Miss Rex Nettleford Hall 2013. Read More


EASY MAGAZINE: No limits to beauty for Leigh

22 October 2019

Nineteen-year-old Leigh Johnson put on a costume for the first time earlier this year to model for a Grand Kadooment band. Hours later she was in tears. Read More


Mum and daughter graduate

18 October 2019

For the first time in the UWI Open Campus’ history, a mother and daughter graduated on the same day, with bachelor’s degrees. Read More


BIPA warrior wins double battle

16 October 2019

Undoubtedly, she is a crusader for justice. Many have come to know her as leading the fight for policyholders of CLICO International Life Insurance Limited and British American Insurance Company Limited (BAICO) to retrieve their monies from these ill-fated insurance... Read More


Pastor: God takes care of me

14 October 2019

Over the past year, the Calvary Temple Community Church in Groves, St Philip, has multiplied its growth. Read More


Journey to Africa

08 October 2019

My first visit to Africa was an eye-opener. I sometimes describe this trip as sensory overload. No amount of news-reading, documentary-watching or researching can prepare you for the vastness and diversity of this land, and the selflessness of its people. Read More


Harriet, a comforter in military crises

07 October 2019

Even the best soldier needs emotional and moral support at some point in his and her life. Thanks to Captain Harriet Clarke, while she may not always provide a shoulder to cry on, she certainly provides a listening ear, a helping hand, and is fully skilled and equipped... Read More


Akhnaten wants to YAP with the youth

06 October 2019

Akhnaten Burrowes has an effervescent personality. He’s also the life of any party. Spend even five minutes with the 22-year-old and it’s bound to rub off. But this was not always who he was. In fact, finding himself has admittedly been his greatest struggle. Read More


Love of two joys

01 October 2019

She started dancing as a young adult who was fascinated and moved by any rhythm. Today, she dances for the Lord. The journey to her current place has been interesting, to say the least, but it was preceded by rebellion, partying, social drinking, and just enjoying... Read More


Shakera on a high in Dubai

30 September 2019

Shakera Yearwood left Barbados when she was just 24 years old and headed to a land far away from home, Dubai. At the time, she was just a young girl from the north of Barbados with big dreams and a huge determination to make them a reality. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: A Chinese celebration

29 September 2019

Chinese children sang in English and Barbadian children in Mandarin, with the band of the Barbados Defence Force backing the enthusiastic performances, at the recent reception marking the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. Read More


Queen not leaving deaf behind

29 September 2019

Che Amor Greenidge believes in finishing whatever she starts. She also believes in working hard towards whatever you want to achieve in life. That attitude has no doubt led her to achieving the title of Miss World Barbados 2019. Read More


Melinda takes a chance on finance

24 September 2019

If one was asked to come up with an equation to show who Melinda Belle is, it could go something like this: financial and budgeting advisor + blogger x author + fashionista = a woman who is happy in her own skin. Read More


Asha has the key to cash security

23 September 2019

Asha Forde’s journey has been anything but easy, and as she likes to put it, it has been “autodidactic”, meaning she’s taught herself how to become the person she is today. The 27-year-old financial adviser has recently taken the route of teaching millennials like... Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Former Headteacher feted

22 September 2019

Former Headteacher Carl Springer celebrated his 90th Birthday with charm and style on the beautiful “Gully Deck” at Hunterspring, St Philip. Read More


Tricia’s call to mend the broken

22 September 2019

At a time when countless families are falling apart and many young people are experiencing various forms of abuse, the role of a counsellor who is also certified in social work is becoming increasingly important. Read More


BDFSP no joke to captain Jules

17 September 2019

He does not make sport when it comes to sports. In fact, Captain Michael Jules is so serious about the importance of sports in the lives of people that he is quick to point out there is a strong correlation between individuals who participate in sports, and the low... Read More


Conquering 500 miles for needy

16 September 2019

Betty Hope-Gittens set herself the challenge of walking 500 miles in 36 days to raise funds, as her birthday gift to the St Philip District Hospital and the Canadian she supports. Read More


SOCIAL SCENE: Business mix and mingle

15 September 2019

Executives from the local international business sector mixed and mingled against a backdrop of impressive art mounted at The Grove Art Gallery upstairs Limegrove Lifestyle Centre last week. Read More


Less about crown for Queen Shanel

15 September 2019

It still hasn’t sunk in as yet for Miss Universe Barbados 2019 Shanel Ifill that she’s queen. Just over a week since coronation night and 20-year-old Shanel is still stunned that she now gets to wear the coveted “five pound crown”, as she puts it, wear the gold sash... Read More


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