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DEAR CHRISTINE – Still waiting for him to call

10 June 2010

Dear Christine, RECENTLY A FRIEND OF MINE introduced me to her brother who had just returned from overseas. He said he was divorced and lonely and asked me out.   Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – Taking a chance on long-distance love

10 June 2010

Dear Christine, HOW ARE YOU DOING? I hope well, and may God bless you.   Read More

Sister has married lover on lockdown

08 June 2010

Dear Christine,I just can't seem to reason with my sister.She has a man who is married, and she calls his house all hours of the day and night, identifying herself and demanding to talk to him.She gives him photographs of herself in all sorts of poses and in skimpy... Read More


Monday Man - Maloney sees need for change

07 June 2010

WHEN HE WAS A MERE SIX MONTHS OLD, Elvis Maloney fell from his bed and struck the back of his head, causing him to lose sight in his right eye. Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – Scared to tell family of visit to doctor

06 June 2010

Dear Christine, I AM WRITING this letter with tears in my eyes.   Read More

SECRETS CORNER: Love triangle

05 June 2010

ALL OF US WOULD LIKE someone special in our lives - that person who would love us for who we are. After cultivating such a bond, it is impossible to just walk away from that relationship without losing at least a small piece of ourselves. It is even more difficult to... Read More

I CONFESS: Betrayed by my lover

05 June 2010

MY FATHER WAS an alcoholic and sometimes when he drank heavily, he would "start a noise" with my mother and beat her. I always hated him for that. I despised him so much that I never told him that I loved him - because I didn't. As for my mother, I never could understand... Read More

SECRETS CORNER QUESTION: Dishonouring departed partner?

05 June 2010

NEXT WEEK: Would you be dishonouring the memory of your recently departed partner if you became involved with his best friend, given the fact that the family left behind to support is a young one? Share your views by commenting below or by calling or texting your comments... Read More

Think before you ditch mum for man

03 June 2010

Between mother and man is where Torn found herself recently. The dilemma prompted her to write to Dear Christine, asking for advice on how to balance her duty to her elderly and ailing mother who lives with her and her nearly year-old relationship. Read More

Don't punish all for the actions of some

02 June 2010

I am a student of one of Barbados Secondary Schools. I am writing this letter to give you my opinion about the picture of the school girl in the newspaper, dated March 13 and about the banning of the school children from catching the  ZR vans. Read More


01 June 2010

We welcome your feedback for this week's SECRETS CORNER question which is: What should you do if you're attracted to someone you can never be with, Read More

Struggling with children that aren't mine

01 June 2010

Dear Christine, I am writing to you because I have seen how you give good advice to people who share their problems with you. Now to my problem. My boyfriend has a seven-year-old son living with him. I also have a two-year-old son. The mother of his children had another... Read More

DEAR CHRISTINE – Caring for mum straining relationship

31 May 2010

Dear Christine: I live with my mother who is old and ailing and needs round-the-hour care. Read More

SECRETS CORNER: Minding your business

29 May 2010

THERE ARE STRONG VIEWS on both sides as to whether a partner should search the other’s cellphone directory or Facebook account. Those who see nothing wrong with doing this argue that if the person has nothing to hide, then they should not mind such searches. They ask,... Read More

I CONFESS: Let down by married lover

29 May 2010

I’M IN A DIFFICULT situation and not sure what I can do to get  out of it. My problem is that I am seriously in love with a married man. He got married only two years ago, but we were involved a few years before then. Read More

Go get a job, readers advise

27 May 2010

It’s a case of the old adage - missing the water when the well runs dry. That’s the situation LF has found herself in when she wrote Dear Christine last Monday. Read More

Saddened by husband's hatred

26 May 2010

I am a woman in my 60s. I have been married  for  26 years and we  have four children.  The trouble Christine  is that my husband does not love me. Read More

Don't give up, people care

24 May 2010

Dear Christine, My heart goes out to the lady who wrote to you about her dad’s death Read More


Missing the money from ex-boyfriend

24 May 2010

Dear Christine, I have a problem. I broke up with my boyfriend of three years. Read More


'Sick' people out there even in your own home

22 May 2010

We continue to receive confessions from women on how they were molested as girls. This is in response to our column on May 1, Molested By My Mum’s Man. The following is an edited version of one such response. MY EARLY YEARS were horrible. I lived in a home of extended... Read More


Learn how to love yourself

20 May 2010

ON Monday, May 17, 2010, a letter writer to Christine described to Christine how she felt. “I feel like a pack of bread on a shelf that everyone squeezes, but never wants,” she said. She explained that she had been dating a man for a few years and he was nice in... Read More


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