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I CONFESS: Let down by married lover

29 May 2010

I’M IN A DIFFICULT situation and not sure what I can do to get  out of it. My problem is that I am seriously in love with a married man. He got married only two years ago, but we were involved a few years before then. Read More

Go get a job, readers advise

27 May 2010

It’s a case of the old adage - missing the water when the well runs dry. That’s the situation LF has found herself in when she wrote Dear Christine last Monday. Read More

Saddened by husband's hatred

26 May 2010

I am a woman in my 60s. I have been married  for  26 years and we  have four children.  The trouble Christine  is that my husband does not love me. Read More

Don't give up, people care

24 May 2010

Dear Christine, My heart goes out to the lady who wrote to you about her dad’s death Read More


Missing the money from ex-boyfriend

24 May 2010

Dear Christine, I have a problem. I broke up with my boyfriend of three years. Read More


'Sick' people out there even in your own home

22 May 2010

We continue to receive confessions from women on how they were molested as girls. This is in response to our column on May 1, Molested By My Mum’s Man. The following is an edited version of one such response. MY EARLY YEARS were horrible. I lived in a home of extended... Read More


Learn how to love yourself

20 May 2010

ON Monday, May 17, 2010, a letter writer to Christine described to Christine how she felt. “I feel like a pack of bread on a shelf that everyone squeezes, but never wants,” she said. She explained that she had been dating a man for a few years and he was nice in... Read More


Overwhelmed by caring people

19 May 2010

Dear Christine, I can’t believe there are so many people who care. I wrote to you about two weeks ago, about my dad’s death and how I just couldn’t cope with it. Read More


Court clerks not helping situation

18 May 2010

Dear Christine,I hope that you are fine as this letter leaves me.I am a bit annoyed  at some of the clerks  at the Courts. Some of them give out information to persons who are pretending to be the person collecting money from court. Read More


Poor living conditions

18 May 2010

Dear Christine, Please can you help us by sending someone to prove what I am writing to you is the truth. I am renting a room at a house. When I first saw an ad in the paper for the room, I said that it sounded like a nice place to live. The landlord told me to pass... Read More


Tired of being abused by the man I love

17 May 2010

Dear Christine,I am a woman of quite a few problems. You see I’m a bad judge of character. I say that because almost all the men I have dated have abused or battered me in one form or another. Read More


SECRETS CORNER: Life after a 'horn'

14 May 2010

CAN A COUPLE ever regain that trust after one of the partners has cheated? Read More


I CONFESS: Women share similar tales

14 May 2010

I KNOW THE feeling you are going through as the same thing happened to me. I was molested. I told my grandmother about it, and she did not believe it because it was my aunt's husband who did it. Read More


Hard time coping with dad's death

12 May 2010

Dear Christine I am writing this letter with tears running down my cheeks. I don’t know if I am coming or going. Christine, I never knew how valuable life was until I lost my dad around Christmas time, and ever since I haven’t gotten over his death. Read More


Positive youth worth highlighting

11 May 2010

Dear Christine, I have been listening to all the talk about the youth who have gone bad. I have no doubt that much of what is being said is true, because I do know people who are in gangs and I know people who are lesbians – and I mean really young people. Read More


'So-called' friend cheated me out of money

10 May 2010

I am writing this letter about dishonest people. My "so-called friend" had a friend who has two children,  and wanted me to baby-sit them for $50 a week because both of us are not working. Read More


Dumped, now he wants to come back

10 May 2010

I used to go out with a boy for about six months. It seemed that he really liked me. Read More


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