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Efforts to stop oil leak hit snag

03 June 2010

PORT FOURCHON – As the crude crept closer to Florida, the risky effort  to contain the nation’s worst oil spill hit a snag yesterday when a diamond-edged saw became stuck in a thick pipe on  a blown-out well at the bottom of the Gulf. Read More

Fisherman held hostage by pirates

03 June 2010

PORT-OF-SPAIN – Cedros  fishermen want newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs  Dr Surujrattan Rambachan to deal with the issue of pirate attacks in local waters. And the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard, the fishermen also said, should be equipped with boats to... Read More

Golding survives no-confidence bid

03 June 2010

KINGSTON - The governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) used its majority in Parliament to secure the position of Bruce Golding as prime minister despite the parliamentary Opposition mobilising all its members to remove him.Following a marathon debate on a motion of no-confidence... Read More


Brownies spread cheer

03 June 2010

Students of the St Paul’s Primary School Brownies Pack paid a special visit to the Children’s Ward (C7) of the  Queen Elizabeth Hospital earlier this week. The Brownies attached to the 10th, 19th and 21st packs brought cheer to the children as they chatted and sang... Read More

PM King talks tough on crime

03 June 2010

CASTRIES – Prime Minister Stephenson King, warning that  he would not allow a few "rotten apples" to contaminate St Lucia,  has announced new measures  to deal with escalating crime, including a restructuring  of the police force. In a nationwide radio and television... Read More

Burglar begs for mercy

03 June 2010

THE BURGLAR who was stoned, then knocked down and run over  by the people whose establishment he had just robbed at gunpoint, begged for leniency from the High Court yesterday. Troy Anderson Greene said his guilty plea, the two years he had spent on remand, along with... Read More

Man admits to indecent assault

03 June 2010

A 37-YEAR-OLD MAN who fondled the breasts of a 15-year-old girl and only stopped when she claimed  to have reached the residence of a family member  will be back later in the Sessions for sentencing. Curtis Deighton Wilkinson, 37, of Garden Land, Country Road, St Michael,... Read More

Faria lauded as sincere man

03 June 2010

A ROMAN CATHOLIC priest yesterday lauded the late Norman Faria as a sincere man  who sought justice for all. Monsignor Vincent Blackett told the congregation at yesterday’s funeral service  for the late honorary consul for Guyana, that while Faria was resolute in his... Read More

Taxi driver kills 12, wounds 25

03 June 2010

EASCALE – A taxi driver went on a shooting spree across a rural area of northwestern England yesterday, police said, killing 12 people and wounding 25 others before turning the gun on himself. The rampage in Cumbria was the deadliest mass shooting since 1996 in Britain,... Read More


Using sun to cook up a storm

03 June 2010

Barbadians may soon be  able to take advantage  of the hot, sunny days  to cook up a storm. A solar oven for cooking with the power of the sun was unveiled yesterday by alternative energy scientist William Hinds at the Consett Bay Sustainable Fishing Educational Expo... Read More

National park 'major priority'

03 June 2010

A NATIONAL PARK stretching from  Archer’s Bay, St Lucy,  to Consett Bay, St John,  is being undertaken  by Government. This was announced yesterday by Minister responsible for the Environment, Dr Denis Lowe, during the opening ceremony of the Consett Bay Sustainable... Read More

Four on robbery charges

03 June 2010

Police have arrested and charged four men, including three Jamaicans, with a string of armed robberies and burglaries committed over the past five months.   Read More

Jail not a solution

03 June 2010

Stop sending fathers to jail for failing to support their children financially! This appeal was made yesterday by Independent Senator Orlando Marville who maintains that those fathers should be made to do community service for money  that would be paid directly  toward... Read More

Waitress on fraud charge

03 June 2010

A 23-YEAR-OLD St James woman will appear in the District "A" Magistrates’ Court today on 12 counts of credit card fraud. Sheena Nakisha Lambert, a waitress of Reid Gap, The Garden, St James, is accused of committing the offences last month. Read More


03 June 2010

STRESSING he did not want to see Barbados become as turbulent  as Jamaica, Government Senator  Dr David Durant warned that it would be unwise to dismiss reports  that Barbados had  a gang problem. Read More

I'm not hooked on weed, says smoker

03 June 2010

DESPITE CONFESSING to smoking ten spliffs a day, convicted escapee Matthew Mortimer Phillips strenuously denied he was addicted to marijuana. "It is not an addiction.  I can stop if I want to stop," he said. Read More

Sorry, no classifieds

02 June 2010

The Nation Publishing Co. Limited would like to sincerely apologise to our readers for the unavailability of the Classifieds section on our nationnews.com website. Read More

Senators ask BP to suspend dividend payment

02 June 2010

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two Democratic senators pressed British Petroleum on Wednesday to delay plans to pay shareholder dividends worth an expected $10 billion or more until the full costs for cleaning up the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico are calculated. Read More


Japan's prime minister steps down over US base row

02 June 2010

Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama resigned Wednesday to improve his party’s chances in an election next month, after his popularity plunged over his broken campaign promise to move a U.S. Marine base. Finance Minister Naoto Kan, who has a clean and defiant image,... Read More

Jamaica to crack down on all gangs

02 June 2010

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Jamaica will launch a sustained assault on gangs that control poor communities across the island and fuel one of the world’s highest murder rates, the prime minister said yesterday.Prime Minister Bruce Golding says last week’s bloody raid on the... Read More

Hillary on official visit next week

02 June 2010

UNITED STATES Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is to visit Barbados next Wednesday to meet with some Caribbean leaders and their foreign ministers.The one-day visit, announced by an official in Washington yesterday, will be part of a Latin American and Caribbean tour... Read More


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