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Atherley still wants answers on White Oak

15 January 2020

Leader of the Opposition Bishop Joseph Atherley has again called on Government to give answers on the selection of White Oak, the company retained to advise on Barbados’ local and foreign debt restructuring exercise. Read More


Public Interest debate to resume January 14

22 December 2019

The House of Assembly met Friday for just over 30 minutes in the “public interest”, to debate changes made to the Tourism Levy Bill 2019 by the Senate on December 11. Read More


Rogers weighs in on divorce rate

14 December 2019

Not only has the Church amended the wedding vows removing the word obey and “till death do us part” but it doesn’t encourage couples to stay in relationships that are “killing them”. Read More


INDEPENDENCE MESSAGE: Democratic Labour Party

01 December 2019

Fellow Barbadians, greetings. Congratulations to you on achieving your 53rd anniversary of Independence. Long strides were made by our forefathers in the march to reach this milestone. Read More


Independence Day message: CTUSAB

30 November 2019

On becoming an independent nation in 1966, Barbados joined the list of sixty-four commonwealth countries, which since 1939, have gained independence from the United Kingdom. Read More


Independence Day message: BHTA

30 November 2019

The following is the full statement from the BHTA to mark Barbados’ 53rd anniversary of Independence from Senator Rudy Grant, CEO -Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association. Read More


Independence Day message: Roman Catholic Diocese of Bridgetown

30 November 2019

As we celebrate Barbados’ achievements on this 53rd anniversary of Independence, let us first give thanks to God for all our blessings and experiences as an independent nation. Read More


UPP Independence Day 2019 message

30 November 2019

Birthday anniversaries not only present themselves as a time of celebration but an opportunity to be reflective of our accomplishments, perform a self-evaluation and refine objectives into the next year. Read More


Independence Day message: Opposition Leader

30 November 2019

We have been counselled, and I think rightly and wisely so, that a nation at fifty-three must be able to have the difficult conversations. As I congratulate our people on the proud achievement of our fifty-third anniversary as an independent democracy, I wish, not for... Read More


Independence Day message: Prime Minister

30 November 2019

Today, on our 53rd anniversary of Independence, I wish you Barbados a blessed birthday. And I trust that as you enjoy the blessings of the day you spare a moment to reflect on the significance of the occasion. Read More


Government rebuilding SSA fleet, acquiring buses

20 November 2019

The rebuilding of the Sanitation Service Authority’s (SSA) fleet remains a priority for Government, says Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Ryan Straughn. Read More


No rift in DLP

18 November 2019

There is no discord in the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Read More


Metal detectors not the answer

18 November 2019

Former Minister of Education Ronald Jones says turning schools into “prisons” is not going to curb the violence in these institutions. Read More


Caddle: No more loans for “next four years”

12 November 2019

Government is putting a stop to spending more than it earns as it focuses on ‘growing’ the island’s economy. Read More


Straughn to lead debate on foreign debt

28 October 2019

Minister in the Ministry of Finance, Ryan Straughn, will move the passing of a Resolution tomorrow in the House of Assembly to restructure Barbados’ foreign debt. Read More


Update soon on new garbage trucks

26 October 2019

The Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) should “very shortly” be in a position to report about additional garbage trucks. Read More


New location for BLP conference

19 October 2019

The Barbados Labour Party’s 81st annual conference will take place in Queens Park this year. Chairman of the conference planning committee Kirk Humphrey said the location was reflective of the refreshed party as it was open, close to parliament and was a venue where... Read More


Action on abandoned buildings

16 October 2019

Government is taking action on 36 of its derelict and abandoned buildings identified in a recent audit. Read More


Hopefuls to face-off today

12 October 2019

Whoever wins the Barbados Labour Party’s (BLP) St Michael West nomination this evening will likely be the next representative for that constituency after the next general elections, says political pollster Peter Wickham. Read More


PM Johnson goads opponents to call election as Brexit chaos deepens

25 September 2019

LONDON – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson taunted his rivals on his return to parliament on Wednesday, goading them to either bring down the government or get out of the way to allow him to deliver Brexit. Read More


Bajans won’t be left out of medicinal cannabis industry

30 August 2019

Barbados will be poised to take advantage of various opportunities within the growing global medicinal cannabis industry through the legalisation of medicinal cannabis. Read More


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