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    August 25

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Gun policy a must for Parliament

03 May 2010

ELOMBE MOTTLEY wants to see a gun policy in and around the precincts of the Parliament as well as the establishment of a nearby police outpost. Read More

If I was in the chair!

02 May 2010

HAVING BEEN Deputy Speaker of the great Parliament of 1976 to 81, I offer my personal opinions on recent matters arising in our Houseof Assembly, if only to clear some of the cobweb! Read More

A Speaker's brief authority

02 May 2010

I FIRST came across the above quotation at the top of a Gladstone Holder column in 1978 headlined 'BRIEF AUTHORITY'. Read More

Estwick: Bring the evidence

30 April 2010

PUT UP OR SHUT UP. That's what Minister of Economic Affairs Dr David Estwick is demanding of Opposition parliamentarian Read More

Craig: House needed cooling

30 April 2010

But what former Member of Parliament Lionel Craig wants to really know is why Carrington did not suspend the morning's sitting and invoke a "cooling-off period" Read More

MPs urged to say sorry

30 April 2010

PARLIAMENTARIANS are being asked to apologise to the nation's youth for their actions in the House of Assembly on Tuesday. Read More

Online readers say: Shame!

29 April 2010

A FAILING GRADE! That is what Barbadians near and far have given to parliamentarians Read More



28 April 2010

VOICES WERE RAISED. Tantrums were thrown. People were asked to leave because of disorderly conduct. People walked out in protest. Read More

Freedom of speech: not in House

28 April 2010

BARBADOS' DEMOCRACY is now at risk. Opposition Leader Mia Mottley made this charge at a hastily called Press conference Read More

Sinckler: Mia must follow the rules

28 April 2010

SPEAKER of the House of Assembly Michael Carrington was "terribly disrespected" by Opposition Leader Mia Mottley Read More

Marshall's statement

28 April 2010

MR SPEAKER, the circumstances in which I stand to address this Honourable Chamber are such that they can bring no pleasure. Read More

Arthur saddened by turn of events

28 April 2010

FORMER Prime Minister Owen Arthur said he was saddened to see the level to which Parliament had plummeted. Read More


27 April 2010

THE NINE SEATS which were conspicuously empty in the House of Assembly last Tuesday will be filled today. Read More

MP: Not so

21 April 2010

In a brief statement in Parliament yesterday, Estwick also denied that he had threatened Marshall after a heated argument between the two Read More

Speaker's Say

21 April 2010

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, Michael Carrington, has described the Opposition Barbados Labour Party's boycott of yesterday's sitting as a slap in the face Read More


Do you believe the Rock Hall squatters should be entitled to a $25 000 grant or a loan to move out of the area?