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DEAR CHRISTINE: Bajan woman, please come back


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Dear Christine, This is my confession.   I want back my Bajan woman. Christine, that woman never said “no” to me. Yet, Christine, the only thing she never did for me was to lie down and let me walk on her. But I know if I had asked her to, she would not say no. I am a project manager, so I meet and work with people from all over. This is the bad part. I started talking to a black Guyanese. The mistake I made was to eat that curry. I started sending money to her hometown every month; paying her rent. I stopped looking after my two boys, the bank took up my house and van. My boss called me in for a meeting one day and spoke to me about how I was treating my staff and how I was looking [I was losing weight]. I stopped liming with the boys and only spent time with her. She had me so good.Now I’ve moved back home. My mother said she couldn’t come to my house so I can’t sleep at hers. Christine, my boss called me in again and said Tony, I have a new van, come and take a spin. I love driving so I went a Saturday morning after work. Christine, I owe him my life. He took me to this woman and she bathed me in some oils, and then I dropped off to sleep. When I woke up I was my old self again. I did not even want to see the woman from Guyana anymore. My boss told me to love my own people, and the woman said to me that the Negro-Guyanese are worse than the Indians. I am taking back control of my life, but I want back my Bajan woman. Christine, we have children together and I want us to be a family again. In our relationship they were ups and downs but we still loved each other. Christine, she is one lady I can swear who never cheated on me, although I was unfaithful to her. Christine, I know it takes a strong man to say sorry but I am more than sorry for what I did to her. Christine, I will love her in my own way and I will never make that mistake ever again. Bajan men, if you have a good Bajan woman, hold on to her with both hands. If she loves you and you do not give her anything back, she’s real.  Christine, I need her in my life so that my life can be complete. I am talking to my sons again, taking them out and spending time with them. Bajan men, don’t listen to other men, keep from those Guyanese, stick to the Bajans. Please do not eat, if not you will never stop eating. Thanks to my boss, I still have a job and I have back a home. Christine, I hope I can help someone out there to see the light. – TONYDear Tony,I am happy to see that you are back to your old self again and especially taking time out for your children.I hope you are truly sorry for what you did to your Bajan woman who was so good to you. It’s sad that you had to lose almost everything including your housee and van before you realised that what you were doing to your woman and her children was downright uacceptable. There is no excuse for neglecting your own. I don’t buy the curry part – you are a grown man, you knew what you were getting into. As for the part about the woman and the oils, some good soul-searching and a few words of caution from colleagues and friends could have brought the same result. I hope that from now on you will treat your Bajan woman the way she deserves to be treated, should she take you back. Loving her in your own way is about you, what about loving her the way she needs to be and should loved? As for gold-digging women, they come in all nationalities and races – not just Guyanese or black.Cherish what you have at home. I know there’s temptation everywhere but if there’s no provocation at home or no reason to stray, why do so?Still I commend you for making it up to your children and I am sure your story will help others who finds themelves in a similar plight. Good luck, and I hope all goes well  and your Bajan woman can find it in her heart to forgive you. – CHRISTINE