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Spanish town


Spanish town

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OLE! OLE! OLE! Those shouts could be heard throughout St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church, shortly after Spain won their first ever World Cup title yesterday.At the Ship Inn especially, one would have thought that one was in Spain itself. The bar was packed to capacity with mainly Spanish supporters, some even actual Spanish citizens. If you knew no Spanish going into the bar, before you left you were sure to know at least the phrase, “Lo Mejor”, meaning “I’m the best”.Venezuelan Nervin Garcia, who is of Spanish descent, could hardly contain her excitement as Andres Iniesta gave Spain their solitary, winning goal against the Dutch in the 116th minute. “I am so felicidad, so so happy, words cannot describe the feeling right now,” she said in a completely hoarse voice.Garcia, along with many Spanish fans, came outside the building afterwards and shouted for joy, while others passed by in cars or on foot bearing many Spanish flags and singing their Oles.Over at Lucky Horseshoe in Warrens, a very large crowd gathered to watch the final match, and the feelings were almost the same as at the Ship Inn.ConfidentOne fan, Khiry Sobers, who stood watching the match from the beginning, said he was confident Spain was going to win, although no goals were scored initially.“Spain has to win! There is no other option, I bet $600 on them so of course they have to win,” he said.Although many others around teased him for wearing an orange shirt, Sobers smiled and said: “Don’t mind that. I wear what I feel like because I know Spain winning the cup.”However, some at Lucky Horseshoe thought the World Cup final was a bit “scrappy”.“It could be better, but both teams are going out hard because they have never won a World Cup. The beauty is not showing in the two teams today,” said Omar “Red Dawg” Drakes, a Portugal fan.While many Barbadians came out to watch the game mainly on the south coast, in the north of the island, it was a bit quiet.A boisterous crowd at Scotty’s Bar, Upper Black Rock, St Michael, primarily supported the Dutch.Mario Griffith, originally an Argentina fan, said the Netherlands were going to win because “they are playing the type of football to do so”. How wrong he was.One Spanish fan with dreadlocks, and in the type of spirited mood befitting his location, gave his name as Mr Wong and said Spain would win 2-1. He didn’t get that scoreline but he got his wish.At Moon Town in St Lucy a small crowd turned out to watch the game.