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Top marks for Kadoo clean-up

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Top marks for Kadoo clean-up

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AS BARBADIANS jumped and wined in gay abandon along the street on Kadooment Day, hard-working sanitation workers were one step behind them picking up garbage.And general manager of the Sanitation Service Authority (SSA), Stanton Alleyne, has lauded the workers, saying they have done a tremendous job in removing tonnes of garbage left behind during the four days of Crop-Over activities over the weekend.Yesterday Alleyne took a tour of all the roads used during Kadooment on Monday and he said SSA employees had worked throughout the night cleaning up the garbage left behind during the revelry.He estimated that by yesterday afternoon 50 tonnes had already been removed.“And they are not finished yet. We will come back out tomorrow on Spring Garden when most of the stalls will be removed to finish the clean-up,” he stated.He said the workers had worked every night since last Thursday.“We were out after the Pic-O-De-Crop finals and Foreday Morning Jam cleaning up to make sure that when people got to Bridgetown Market on Saturday that the environment was clean. And we went in on Spring Garden after the last band and started to clean.“We placed cans along the route and gave garbage bags to the stall owners. I must say that the stall owners were very cooperative this year by placing the garbage in bags and it made it much easier for us to pick up the bags,” he stated.He said the longer route did not make the collection job anymore difficult either.“It did not affect our operations. We had the two car parks to clean at DaCosta Mannings and Super Centre and we were able to move in early and do those jobs.”He said that even residents living at Bushy Park, St Philip, had commended the workers on the clean-up process undertaken after the Soca Royale competition there last weekend.“Bushy Park was a residential area so we went in immediately after the event and got the place cleaned. The residents were very happy.” He added: “I have to convey management’s appreciation of the staff who worked all through the night to make sure that people came back to a clean and safe environment, and the managers and supervisors who were responsible for coordinating the clean-up,” Alleyne said.