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DE MARKET VENDOR: All dem immigration forms to fill

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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WE COMING down the home stretch, in another couple of weeks the roads gwine be clogged as all of Bubbadus who got cars try to get children to school and between 7 and 9 o’clcok every day Monday to Friday it gwine be gridlock pun de roads, today though is a day fuh me to vent li’l bit pun some of de things de Vendor can’t understand.
Like day in and day out I see what appears to be nurses, male and female, pun the streets heading in the direction of the QEH dressed in nurses uniforms and or scrubs. Is that right? These things supposed to be germ-free, they can’t be, iffing you wearing them in maxis (ZRs), buses, cars and on the streets?
Shouldn’t these things be put on when they get to work rather than when you leave home?
And this past week I had a li’l trip to Curacao along wid many other vendors who does go there to buy goods from the duty free zone to sell. I couldn’t help but wonder whether that is not an opportunity fuh we ’bout here, because if my people could travel so far, pay air fare and accommodation and buy goods and bring back and mek a profit, maybe we missing something. 
But it is travel in the region that I want to return because I cannot understand why we does treat one another so! Now imagine in 2007 we had all kinds of nice travel arrangements that made movements during the ICC Cricket World Cup easy for all visitors, the thing was working real sweet and before you could holler “Guyanese” you was through the airport, but once the cricket done we went straight back to all the lotta long forms and the interrogation.
So everytime you travel in the Caribbean, you got to fill out more forms than if you applying fuh a mortgage, forms when you gwine in and forms when you gine out and wid all the computers they got you would think that when you go back the next time they got you covered, no sir.
But I thought I had seen everything until I was passing through Trinidad and Tobago, note I said PASSING THROUGH, in other words, I am on the plane, the plane stops in Trinidad to pick up passengers, you do NOT get off the plane but yet somebody in Trinidad Immigration has determined that you must still fill out the Trinidad Immigration and Customs forms, to qoute a Trini friend “them fuh real?”
I see and hear foolishness in my time but that beat all, so there you are sitting on the plane, not entering the people airport terminal, not even buying a “roti” or “doubles” and you have to fill in forms! Somebody gone mad or ain’t got enough work to do!
I could even understand iffing I was intransit and had to come into the terminal, fair enough although that too is foolishness but ah cannot even get off the plane to wee wee and you want forms? And the new passengers cannot come onto to the plane until some fool collect all the forms! I swear that civil servants in some places feel that them get hired to frustrate we the public.
And when you ask the hostess what this is all about, she give you that diplomatic smile and answer! Trinis, allyuh vupsing! Imagine if every other country where LIAT does fly adopt that policy and you on a flight from St Kitts to Bubbadus and it going through Antigua, Dominica, St Lucia, the time you land you would be an expert in form filling.
Caribbean Integration? Big joke!
Time to look at that again Kamla, I know you don’t like foolishness so while you fixing the ATM thing fix this one the same time.
I Market Vendor gone fuh now, you have a blessed and a wonderful day, yuh hear!