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DEAR CHIRISTINE: Tell me your stories of abuse

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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Dear Christine,
I am a born Barbadian, but a citizen of the United States. I’m presently working on my book: Forsaken By My Family.
I am asking your readers from everywhere, who have ever been abused, mistreated, ill-treated by their parents, brother, sister, husband, wife or any other family member to contact me.
Each story published in my book will earn that person some valuable cash prices, a copy of the book and some other good offers. I am expecting some good responses.
Here are the rules: You must submit a true story with a real name – can only be a first name (Christian name); your letter must be printed (hand printed will be accepted); must have a return address; state your age and gender. Stories used in the book will receive a response.
– R. Morman