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Rallying cry

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Rallying cry

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Representatives from various Government, faith-based, cultural, business and sporting organisations came out yesterday to stand up and take action for the Millennium Development Goals [MDGs] at a rally in Independence Square, The City.
The event, which was geared toward promoting the continued thrust to achieving the MDGs, encompassed an evening packed with presentations and entertainment.
United Nations’ representative Senator Andre Worrell said there was still a need for more focus on the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women, the fight against HIV/AIDS, and the fight to eradicate poverty.
He said women needed to stand up and “make a noise” to increase their number in politics and in authoritative positions. But, he added, it was still necessary to make sure that young men weren’t marginalised.
“We have to remember the young men and find out from them what we can do to help them be stabilised,” he said.
Worrell said as the effort continued to combat HIV/AIDS, there was a need to ensure that information was constantly shared with young people so they could take the right precautions.
He also urged young people to continue to see what they could do to give back to society.
“We need to make that information more practical for others in the society,” he said.
Government Senator Kerry-Ann Ifill said while t had been a major oversight that the disabled community had at first been left out of the Millennium Goals, they were now happy to be “included, recognised and honoured”.
“Others cannot speak for us or tell the story as we need it to be told. We need to be recognised, championed and understood,” she told those gathered for the special occasion.
Member of Parliament for The City Patrick Todd said while Barbados continued to focus on the Millennium Goals, there were still some who did not enjoy the basics of a good life, namely food and shelter.
Todd told the audience they had to be their brother’s keeper and look out for the less fortunate in this fight to eradicate poverty. He said although the Welfare Department was there to give them a helping hand, those living in poverty needed to be more empowered and independent. (CT)