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BLABBERMOUT’ BABSIE: Don’ leh de rains come down!

rhondathompson, [email protected]

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I got some furduh news fuh yuh ’bout dah tragic fire!  I got to gi’e de Police “t’ree cheers” fuh de fas’ an’ efficient way duh went ’bout ketchin’ de people dat it is allege cause dah tragic fire week befo’ las’!  Duh en stop ‘til de arres’ o’ two men tek place las’ week.
I open de paper las’ Tuesdy mornin’ to see de faces o’ two young fellas starin’ back at muh, one nineteen an’ de ethuh twenty-one years ole!
Too sad! Anyway, we mus’ now leh de Courts tek over an’ deal wif dis matter! I gine leh yuh know how t’ings gine, as me, an’ evuhbody else, wait to see wuh de outcome gine be! 
Now, you might remember muh tellin’ yuh almos’ a year ago ‘bout de problems I had to face whenevuh we had a hard shower o’ rain! It was so bad I was startin’ to t’ink I might be needin’ a canoe to get ’roun’ de islan’ durin’ de rainy season! At dat time, de Minister dealin’ wif Drainage did mek we to know floodin’ would be a t’ing o’ de pas’, as ‘e guvment would be dealin’ wif de matter, ‘specially in de City whey duh had a big-time drainage problem!
Well, I en know hummuch get do ‘bout dis problem.  All I know, is dat week befo’ las’, me an’ Philomena step out to get to a funeral an’ fine weselves in deep waters! I en know how muh ole rus’-bucket din sink, faif! Summuch water was flowin’ dat I start to believe I had on de wrong clodes! 
I mighta been better off in a bading suit! De area whey we had to pass t’rough was like “Ole Man river”, so we had to turn back an’ try anethuh route.  An’ we din de onlies’ ones in dah “boat”! Muh ole car en too high offa de groun’, so whenevuh de water start risin’, we start sinkin’! An’ lemmuh tell yuh, dis din no li’l downpour! It was water fuh days! 
It had muh real vex, ’cause I t’ought all dis floodin’ nonsense was a t’ing o’ de pas’! But, from  pictures I see in de papers, it seem it affeck nuff areas – all up in Chris’ Church – so I had to counk muhself lucky to even get t’rough de water in we area. But dan din de bes’! When we get out de car an’ was tryin’ to cross de road, one o’ de bigges’ road hogs fly ’roun’ de corner an’ rush right t’rough a big puddle o’ water, jes’ whey we did stannin’ up! ‘E splash we wif all dah dirty water an’ en even had de decency to slow down – it din he concern! 
You cyahn begin to onderstan’ how onmannerly an’ inconsiderate people is dese days, an’ it en only ’pon de roads! Yuh fine it all ‘bout! An’ yuh cyahn only blame de youngsters, some o’ de ole ones jes’ as bad, or worse! Manners gone! NISE got muh sympat’y, faif!
But back to dis drainage problem! I cyahn onderstan’ why we should still be sufferin’ summuch, soon as li’l water come down fuh mo’ dan ten minutes!  Roads start to look like rivers! I cyahn remember drains gettin’ block-up as bad as dis in de pas’ when it rain!  Mebbe some o’ dese  builders don’ t’ink tummuch ‘bout drainage when duh puttin’ up dese big modern buildin’s!  
De wells is anethuh matter. Howevuh much times we onblock dem during de year, it don’ seem to be sufficient! An’ we still got nuff litterbugs always at wuk, gi’in’ de Sanitation people a never-endin’ job!
So y’see, water cyahn run off, an’ evaht’ing mus’ get block up! I waitin’ to see how de aut’orities gine handle dis problem!
While waitin’, I gine tek swimmin’ lessons. Duh might come in handy!
Tek care o’ yuhself                                         
Yuh frien’ Babsie