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Thank you to all

CAROL MARTINDALE, [email protected]

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WELL, I DIDN’T GET the opportunity to say thank you and wish all of you who faithfully read this column every single Saturday, a wonderful, merry and happy Christmas as there was no paper last Saturday, Christmas Day.
I believe dat ya should say thanks fuh evahthing in life nuh matter what it is for. As the word o’ God says, “In all things give thanks” . . . so this is exactly what I am going tuh do in this first column of the New Year.
I want tuh first say a big thank you tuh the people at the NATION newspaper who were responsible fuh giving a simple woman like me the opportunity tuh express my views in duh paper every single Saturday fuh the past few years; I cahn even remember how long it is now. But I am truly grateful fuh the opportunity and fuh the fact dat you trusted me from day one tuh do a good job; I hope I have not disappointed you suh far. Thank you very much!
Then I must say a big thank you tuh you people who know me well; uh mean people like my girl Sandra and Winnie and my sister Janis, who does look forward tuh reading this column evah single week as God sen’ and then call me tuh laugh at something I said or ask me how I could do or say something or the other, dat somebody gine brek me up. Dem awright, hear? I gotta do what I gotta do. So thank you fuh reading it. Doan stop now, ya know!
And then I must say a big thank you tuh all o’ ya’all who doan really know me suh well but would read the column and then tek it pon wunna selves tuh make suggestions tuh people in the papers or call in tuh ask Mavis why she won’t write ’bout this thing or the next, like a woman who called and give me about six topics tuh write ’bout; she even tell me dat I lapsing, that I like I getting soft; or the other woman who allow me tuh know dat she ain’t reading Mavis in recent times because she find dat Mavis getting too political. Look, I ain’t even tekking she on – wha’ I live in the real world. Anyway, I thank all o’ wunna fuh keeping me focus and pon my toes. Thank you!
And finally, tuh all o’ wunna who doan know me at all but swear wunna do, and who would blister me in cuss at the drop of a hat because o’ something dat I might have written dat wunna ain’t agree wid or because I might have touched a raw nerve. I still thank you fuh helping me tuh see things from a different perspective: yours! Thank you!
All of you have been very good tuh me over the past decade and I pray dat this coming decade if the NATION people see it necessary tuh use this column, it will be no different. As a matter o’ fact, I encourage the criticism more than anything else because it opens my eyes and also helps me tuh stay level, not taking muhself too seriously.And finally, I pray dat as we turn a new page, stepping into a New Year, a new decade wid all the uncertainties o’ the future, this New Year will open new doors of opportunity fuh evahbody. I pray dat Bajans will become more aware o’ what is happening in and around this island. I pray dat we will show more gratitude fuh what we have and what we have achieved over the many years.
I pray dat Bajans will come tuh realize how very blessed and fortunate we are year after year when storm after storm pass we by wid-out causing major damage or loss o’ life.I pray in this New Year, this new decade, dat Bajans will do as the many signs on the poles around the island say, “Get back tuh God”. I pray dat crime would decrease in this nation. I pray dat parents would become more vigilant, more tolerant, more patient and more loving toward duh offspring. I pray dat politicians would be more respectful o’ each other and realize dat they are there tuh set an example and recognize dat the young people barely watching dem.
I pray dat the people in the many churches in Barbados would become more serious ’bout the God duh serving and would continue tuh walk upright before God and man and dat they would pray earnestly fuh this nation morning, noon and night. I pray dat the hard times will soon come tuh a end so dat poor people would be able tuh get a li’l ease from the pressure.
I pray dat God would continue tuh bless and shelter Barbados.