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Mia back on BLP platform

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Mia back on BLP platform

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MIA MOTTLEY stepped on to the stage of a Barbados Labour Party (BLP) platform for the first time last night to join colleagues as they rallied St John constituents in the lead-up to the January 20 by-election in St John.
     The St Michael North-East Member of Parliament was in fighting form as she addressed the crowd, making clear that she supported BLP candidate Hudson Griffith, even though she expressed disappointment in the manner in which she was deposed as Leader of the Opposition last November.  
     “This is my first time on a platform since being removed as Leader of the Opposition.  Let me say from the outset – I accept the wishes of my parliamentary colleagues, even though I reserve the right to be concerned about the manner in which it unfolded.
    “At this stage of my life, I judge my own actions, based on what I believe to be right; I can spend precious time trying to get back at people and be spiteful but that is not me.
    “Or, I can recognize that potholes and diversions are common and that I must navigate them according to the roadmap of values and principles that I hold dear – that is me.  I have always believed that If I allow others to change who I am, I would have lost the battle.”
    Mottley was speaking in College Savannah as the BLP stepped up its campaign in the lead-up to next week’s by-election.
Mara Thompson, widow of the late Prime Minister David Thompson, is representing the ruling Democratic Labour Party.