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Bajans are kind people at heart

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Bajans are kind people at heart

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Dear Christine,
I arrived in your beautiful island in early January.
I come yearly to try and escape the cold snowy North as it bothers my arthritis, and now that I have reached 50 years of age it tires me out having to make my way through the deep snow.
Every year I am even more taken up with the kindness, compassion and love of the Bajan people. Their warmth is noticed by the numerous other vacationers I have talked with.
I very much enjoy talking, learning and communicating with other people of various nationalities. I do not know if they think I know what I am talking about, or if it is because?I walk with a noticeable gait on my right side and use a cane on my left due to a tear in the cartilage of my knee cap.
The questions I am always asked – after the people tell me “the people of Barbados are so friendly and helpful” – is, is crime bad?
I tell them: “You know it’s everywhere, you can’t escape it.”
I tell them that in the 23 years I have been coming here I have had no problems. I am not afraid to go out and walk down any pathway, road or street, but use common sense.
The only thing I hear that concerns them is the price of food. It baffles them how Barbadians can survive with the high prices.
Barbadians, you have done a remarkable job welcoming visitors, helping them feel at home, safe and secure.
The kindness shown when [you] . . . get up and let an elderly, crippled or pregnant person sit down – I thank you.
I even had a lady close to 80 give up her seat for me. I think she was in worse shape than me,?but that is love, fellowship and family. We all have one God and Father.
By the way, I didn’t take the seat but thanked her warmly and was offered another.
People also offer to hold a bag, knapsack or purse while a person is standing and holding on in the bus.
I could go on and on but remember, the smallest gesture may mean the whole world to that person, as it did me.
Thank you.
– Ronald
Dear Ronald,
Your comments are great news. They clearly indicate that the warmth of our people which gave this destination a positive reputation internationally still exists.
The fact that you feel at home here is very important to us, and I sincerely hope that you continue to come and enjoy all this country has to offer.
Yes, like other places in the world we have problems, but as a people we can still be very caring, and I sincerely hope that this positive element in us continues forever.
On behalf of all Barbadians, I would like to thank you for your kind words and your repeat visits.  
– Christine