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Chinese envoy ready to help

Maria Bradshaw

Chinese envoy ready to help

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CHINA’S?AMBASSADOR?WEI recently met with Marcia Brandon, Barbados Youth Business Trust (BYBT) executive director and regional technical coordinator for the Caribbean Group of Youth Business Trusts, to discuss the long-standing partnership between both agencies and to plan future collaborations.
Wei welcomed the visit and pledged his embassy’s support to continue the partnership with BYBT.  
He noted that he “stands ready to collaborate as before, as far as the embassy’s modest ability permits”.  
Brandon took the ambassador down memory lane via past newspaper clippings and annual reports, pointing out various activities which the Chinese Embassy and BYBT collaborated on.  
Those activities included visits to BYBT’s young entrepreneurs and donations of equipment to BYBT, presentations of partnership awards to the embassy by BYBT and other social events.
Future collaboration activities discussed include the ambassador’s visit to BYBT in the near future, the China/Caribbean Trade Economic Forum and other capacity-building strategies.  
Brandon reiterated the strong tie to social capital and sustainability which strong, durable partnerships have afforded BYBT over the years.
She explained that partnership-building is one of BYBT’s core operating values and it is also that of Youth Business International and Global Entrepreneurship Week, two global networks of which BYBT is a part.