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Dads’ day out

Carlos Atwell

Dads’ day out

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Father’s Day is traditionally a time to celebrate fatherhood and for people all over the world to show their fathers how much they mean to them.
But what does this day mean to the average father on the street in Barbados? The DAILY NATION spoke to a few fathers to find out.
At seven weeks old, little Kiara Collymore was one of the tiniest people on Browne’s Beach yesterday. However, she had nothing to fear being safely tucked away in her father Stephen Collymore’s arms.
“I feel fantastic,” he said while describing his little angel as well behaved.
“She never gives me trouble,” he added.
For Collymore, being a father was “an opportunity to peep into the future of another person’s life and make a difference” and Father’s Day brought that into focus.
David Benn was attending a fish fry nearby. He said he and his two sons were there to spend quality time together after a hectic week and with it being Father’s Day, this was all the more special.
“During the week they’re at school and I’m busy, so Sunday is a day I give to them. Even though it’s Father’s Day, I don’t expect anything back as being with them is what’s important; they mean the world to me,” he said.
Luther John was spending his morning alone. He said his five-year-old daughter was sick, which put a damper on their plans for the day.
“Usually we would have gone to church, then gone to lunch, then go for a drive. I [am] there for my daughter as much as I can and we have a very good relationship,” he said.
Not all fathers have such a good relationship with their children as some men abandon their families.
Martin Wade shared his thoughts on that.
“I honestly don’t feel honoured by that. I believe fatherhood is a sacred duty, that is how mankind survives, through our children, so every man who has fathered a child should honour that,” he said, as his five-year-old son Marius played nearby.
For Christopher Beckles, Father’s Day was doubly special as it was also his birthday. He shared his thoughts on what it meant to him to be the father of two daughters, ten-year-old Thea and three-and-a-half-year-old Jade, on this special occasion.
“Father’s Day is a day to express your love in its fullest terms. Really, this is an everyday thing, but Father’s Day gives an opportunity to hold the [father-child] relationship in its highest esteem,” he said.
When asked about the job her father was doing, Thea gave him an A-plus.
Job Lee Williams and his five-year-old daughter Janell were frolicking on the beach. He summed up the day this way.
“I feel proud to be a father and spending time with my daughter is always special. For me, every day is Father’s Day,” he said.