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DEAR CHRISTINE: Casual sex won’t bring that ring

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Casual sex won’t bring that ring

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Dear Christine,
My letter is to encourage women, especially young women, and to tell them not to allow themselves to be used by men.
Too often I witness our women get attracted to men who drive around in expensive cars, have good jobs, wear the nicest clothes, but at the same time have two, three or four women.
Some of them are even married, or live with their “girlfriends”.
These young women become sexually involved with these men, who use them only for sex. They don’t want committed relationships with them, just quick fixes to satisfy their sexual appetites.
Christine, I know exactly what I am saying and there are women out there who know I am speaking the truth. I want to tell them to respect their bodies. If they don’t, the men will not respect them. Say no to casual sex and to sex outside committed relationships.
If possible, say no to sex before marriage.
– MD
Dear MD,
Thanks for your open letter to women. I believe that those who have an ear will hear what you are saying and, as you have written, seek to take better care of their bodies.