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UWI lecturer under fire

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UWI lecturer under fire

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A UNIVERSITY OF THE WEST INDIES (UWI) lecturer says he has become the victim of several personal attacks since he gave a “thumbs down” to this year’s Budget presented by Government.
Dr Brian Francis, a lecturer in economics at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus, in a post-Budget discussion last month criticized Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler’s  financial proposals, calling the presentation “a huge mistake that is going to hurt the economy very badly in the long run”.
Francis says from then he has “become the target of senseless attacks and abuse by politicians and assumed supporters of the ruling Democratic Labour Party who did not share my perspectives”.
He also said some of the attacks levelled at him were heavily influenced by the fact that he was not born in Barbados.
Full story in today’s SATURDAY SUN.